Some Tips with Dungeon (Mostly for Beginners)


Just some random tips I wanted to share that I hope that can assist newcomers of the game.

Daily Torches
Dungeon Level: (The Golden… Lion?.. Sphynx?.. Chimera??? idk what exactly it is but I’m referring to that animal thing on the top left) It affects how many torches you get on the Daily Quest, Dungeon Torches. You gain more Dungeon Experience by winning fights in any Dungeon or by accomplishing Trophies related to Endless Dungeon Floors.

Torch Welfare: This is a Guild Perk that also affects how much torches you get on that Daily Quest. A higher level of that perk will give everybody in that Guild even more.

Bosses in the Endless Dungeon
There’s always 1 Boss on every 5th floor of Endless Dungeon. If you haven’t noticed already, they are indicated on a room with an icon looking like a red colored bull.

(Does not apply to Epic Dungeon) These cool things can provide you advantages but they can also be slimy little tricks to harm your team. If you’re paranoid to drink from unknown wells (like me), you can follow these simple steps.

  1. Switch your party to a single hero that you don’t use.
  2. Drink. Now you know what that Well does in the future. If it happens to be negative, be glad that it didn’t affect your main team (I’m looking at you, the Perblue employee that thought Deadly Poison was a good idea).

Energy Generation Buff
This buff provided by the Shrine is very useful. You can walk back and forth using 2 rooms and simply go on your merry way when your team is full of Energy. Just keep in mind of your torches when you do this (unless you have the Well buff, Torch Oil in effect).

Epic Forge (Epic Dungeon only)
What Is It?: This is the thing that allows you to create or upgrade your heroes epic gears. Each time you find an Epic Forge (there is one on each floor), your Forge Charges increases (Forge Charges is the number of times you can create or upgrade epic gear). Finding another Epic Forge in time will stack more Forge Charges and reset the timer back to 20 minutes (maximum of 20 Forge Charges can be held).

Quick Accessibility: You do not have to be at the Epic Forge to do the creation or upgrading of epic gear. As long as you still have Forge Charges (that haven’t expired), you can tap the Epic Forge icon (top right of the minimap) to easily access it. That way, you do not have to waste torch light going back there!

Bonus Blacksmith Charges: This is a Guild Perk that affects how many Forge Charges you gain everytime you find an Epic Forge (but remember, only a maximum of 20 can be held!). And of course, the higher level this perk is, the more Forge Charges everybody in the Guild gets.

Guaranteed Epic Gear Scraps
Grinding in the Epic Dungeon SUCKS. However, the Boss fights in Epic Dungeon have a good chance of giving you epic gear scraps! HOWEVER (again), if your lineup has 5 epic eligible heroes (meaning all the heroes in your lineup has or can get an epic skill), you will always receive an epic gear scrap from defeating a Boss in the Epic Dungeon!


Hope people find this :grinning:


I think after a certain floor, you start to get a boss on every floor

I don’t think this works in endless dungeon properly

A very beneficial thread!


Energy Generation Buff definitely does work in all Dungeon types, but the values it says it generates are inaccurate. (Welp 2.3 is supposedly fixing the values).


True about the bosses. After floor 70 you find one on every floor


Omg! You can tap the shrine icon?
Mind blown…

I always say I’m still learning this game 390 days in.
Today it is true.

Even an old cat can learn new tricks.


Also energy generation works.
But one square doesn’t count as the measurement.
It’s one hallway. No matter how many little squares are in it.


err, shrine icon? idk where you got that mici.


Okay I meant forge icon. I haven’t had coffee yet


ah alright lol. at least you know now c:


Never knew how to use energy buff , thanks for info! Another day, another thing to learn, or life gets boring.



If only there was a way to taste them without the pq server knowing.

But that’s almost as ridiculous as being able to peek into chests without spending diamonds…


ah but you can peek into chests without spending or at least spend and if you dont like what you see return the chest and and keep your currency


id like to know if portal quest has shards shop similar to the soulstone shop in ds after having purchased a few of the chest deals and opening all the chests ive ended up with 4 heros 5 starred and 6 4 starred and hundreds of extra shards for the 5 starred heros …being new to portal quest and only acct. levels of 22 and 46 i havent spied anysuch shop yet is there something i should save these shards for ?? i did notice mention of epuc shards not sure what they are ive a level 46 acct. server 9 and 22 on server1 the 46 is 6 weeks old ive been pokin away at it slowly until gree anounced shutdown of ds then since have started working that acct on s9 and opened the level22 3 days ago on s1 however the lev 22 hasnt even gone past the 2nd tower first chapter only gained the levels from the chests i suppose and diamond purchases