Spar Versus War - Issues?

So, remember back in the day how we all knew that spar wasn’t the same as war because of the mage perks/buffs/debuffs? You know, fighting this tower, or that tower isn’t the same as war because the mages get knocked out during war and this player’s theory, or that theory tried to explain it.

I opened a ticket and thought I’d share what I was told by THE MAN:

"The spar caches the war so the tower bonuses and defensive lineups should be identical to those that were active during the actual war.

The attacking heroes are different, since you use your current heroes. The difference is the enemy line ups aren’t removed when they’re fought, so the towers can’t be defeated. So for your example question, yes all the mage tower bonuses will be active when you do a battle in the keep."

So, all cleared up, right? Issue settled? Nothing to pick apart and direct? GTG!

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