Spellward silence lasts longer than 3 seconds


Please see video of a fight where spellward silence lasts 10+ seconds. Please fix.


Looks like 3 seconds.
You pause it a lot (tactics i know)
You have slow-mo / slow speed on.
So it’s slower,

From what I can see it looks like 3 seconds
But I could be wrong


That’s casting freeze. The silence timer doesn’t decrease during casting freeze.


I always get to tapping on them when they fight. Especially when they go yellow, I tap faster plus my auto and faster speed is on so it kinda helps you out. I cant wait to get some of the heroes you have…never even heard of Spellward


The timer goes at the speed of your pausing or ff. So the timer at the top would be correct. The reason it takes 10+ seconds is that twins animation stops the timer. I can provide tons of vids where no matter how many pauses spellward silence lasts right at 3 seconds.


ok bud…


I have to agree with the casting freeze / animation people here.

Mainly because they are right.


It’s even more fun with owl rampage :wink:



The amusing thing here is turtle has already read that statement.
Which is why I was confused by their approach to this thread lol