Stamina buying with diamonds

Why is it when you do contest with stamina there is never the option to buy with diamonds.

that’s not 100% true
There has always been an option to buy stamina, which you can do everyday 24/7/365

There is a button beside your stamina :open_mouth:
Which let you buy stamina for diamonds

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Because this is a business.

They are honestly giving out too many diamond deals. I now have 31 fully geared heros without ever paying. All of which are what I consider the better heros.

I used to barely get 20 without running out of stamina and I still have 5000 packs left for the next level increase.

? “too many diamond deals”. ? “without ever paying”. Do you mean you haven’t paid for stam because of the diamond deals you have purchased!

Deals are calcuted from the overall economy of the server.
So if the economy is good then less deals

Unpopular opinion¨
The specific server economy is good overall

There were stamina diamond deals the day before the contest, could’ve just gotten them then :wink:

You don’t need to spend actual money to have a good sized pile of diamonds.

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Yes, they give out so many stamina packs whether it’s through contests and diamond deals that I’ve never paid and have 31 heros.

I will say though, my diamond hall keeps growing since I don’t buy those other deals.

Look at the current contest. They are giving you back the stamina packs you need to use. At least on server one. If you aren’t on server one, just be patient. They will start giving more out, there are too many heros not to.

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It is quite funny that we get a diamond deal the same day the contest is over.

I was talking about the stamina not the diamonds if it was not for the diamonds I would not be able to buy the stamina so I appreciate the quantity of diamonds they provide. So thank you for the diamonds and thank you for providing stamina before the contest.

I agree with some posts here.
Whist stamina isn’t as good as it once was it still is available with deals.
I’m not free to play I admit that but I only use daily deals for vip and diamonds… which is nice and cheap and daily deals is only what I buy.
Which is good value.
I think the key is saving diamonds up and solely using them for stamina deals. Nothing else. Don’t spend diamonds unless u have a stamina deal.
1500 diamonds should give u 3 deals worth.
In my.mind that’s actually pretty fair.
Obviously I wish I had more. I’m always needing more but always have enough to get up to cap. And spare.
I think the issue is just knowing when and how to use stamina. When to stop using stamina and saving stamina.
I save diamonds to buy stam. And don’t use stam until a contest.
Still level up maybe slower but guarantee I get contest rewards… which often contain… more stamina/chests that give more stamina.

Adding to this if you do dungeon… yes boring… but just do it if u have the time.
Don’t spend ANY favor unless it’s a diamond critical success. This could take… some time
But u can get 200-500 diamonds per critical if favor is used…
And if u can do epic epic that’s doubled.
Providing u have keys and free time u can net a few thousand diamonds a day.
And spend those in deals or daily.
In about 12 hours of epics in this contest I and that’s unlucky.
Spend money for stamina
Or work for it using other methods.
Save torches and do dungeon/other methods
I would have agreed with you at one stage but there is other fair methods.

Just want to point out that once again no diamond deal

stop… …

Hammer time!

Yes that’s what I used to do. I would play in the dungeon to get diamonds but since the last update I haven’t received one diamond from the dungeon.

I’ve had that before… even after pb said diamonds would increase in dungeon…
Did 100+ floors not 1 diamond…
Moved to epic… completed twice. 0 diamond.
Epic epic… same 0 diamonds

Hours in dungeon and not even 1…

Few days later I tried again. And got quite a few…

Not sure if diamond drops are more frequent at certain days/time.
Some days get a lot some days get nothing.

Could be luck or predetermined. No idea.
My best advice would be that if u don’t get any in an hour… wait a while and try again… it generally works for me.

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You’re unlucky

I easily got “a lot” of diamond drops in dungeon
Small and big drops

So I would just guess you’re unlucky

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Yep I guessed as much… incredibly unlucky.
But can’t help but think that certain drops are more abundant at certain times.

Could be wrong in thinking so. But also maybe not so much.
I may need to delve deeper and take records haha

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Could be.

But wouldn’t make sense in my head why PB would do it.
So idk

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