Stamina Fill Button


Please add a “Fill Stamina” button to the items menu. It takes so much time to fill stamina over and over when upgrading heroes. Pressing it over 30 times is daunting. Then I raid and I’m right back to pressing another 30+ times! Adding a fill stamina button would allow us to get 1999 stamina in one click and would make for much smoother game flow. It would also make us dedicated gamers happy!


In 24 hours (hopefully) your wish will be granted… To some extent anyway


What makes you say that?


Less button mashing and screen hoppin at least


Oh, I see. Nice! Thank you for that information.


Not exactly what I had in mind but better than nothing. Especially if you can fill 2000 stamina.


No worries. It’s been a long time in the works to get PB to get that button added.
I’ve not done a lot of stam grinding purely because it frustrated me havin to go back and forth so much… When I could be spending time in the dungeon, instead I’d be button mashing just to craft gear :joy:


Well I was just upgrading heroes and I figured it’s time to post this on here. I’ve been thinking about it for about a year. I suppose I’ll wait for the update to craft the rest of the gear and use my 1400 stamina packs. Thanks again!


No worries. Yeah I think this became a pain in the early days. Just wasn’t priority in the pipeline for PB I’d say.
They liked us building our thumb abs up :muscle:


Perblue are secretly coaches of thumb wrestiling


Too bad you can only do one stamina at a time. But I do appreciate not having to back out of 11 menues to get to the items screen now.