Stamina gifts glitch

Has anyone else had an issue, where you’ve clicked on stamina gifts in your mail to see who they were off, and when you’ve clicked to collect all rewards, the gifts have not registered in your itinerary!!!? It happened to me 2 weeks ago, but never happened before that. Since then i haven’t checked to see who they’re off in case it happens again. Basically perblue don’t care. They probably think I’m lying and don’t seem to have even checked if there has been some sort of a glitch. I’ve been playing for 3yrs, and spent loads of money and too much of my time to stay up there in this game. I don’t even get an apology or compensation, just the standard message that I think most of us gets which ain’t worth a wank. Anyway, time to retire. This game has become a chore and not fun anymore :confused:
goodbye all.

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