Stamina glitched


My stanima will not increase its been stuck at 26 and more in 3 min. Full in 10 hrs for 10 hrs, lol wtf


You get 1 stamina every 5 minutes, so nothing wrong with that :joy:


Not glitched


Huh? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


I think they’re saying that for 10 hours their stam has been stuck at 26 with the message “more in 3 min, full in 10 hours”

That’s definitely something wonky


That actually makes the most sense. If that’s the case, she should send a ticket to support.


I reread it and came to the same conclusion, but it’s so poorly phrased, that I overread the meaning :joy:


I have a guild member on s9 with same issue.


Never seen or heard of it.
So meh

Why ask forum instead of support hmmm


Yes, please send in a ticket, with a screenshot!


correct, whatever was wrong it’s fixed now


I sure didn’t type that correct but anyways ,the problem is no longer there .thanks for your input