Starter pack scaling issues

Erm… Yeah.
I think I’ll pass on this one @Loutre

I guess new players aren’t really where your projected income is expected to come from.

Didn’t I tell you that someday you would miss having multiple accounts, and you didn’t believe me :grinning:

Now you gotta start from scratch, when you would have been perfectly fine leaving a main account unmerged :stuck_out_tongue:

Also what’s wrong with that starter pack - don’t you want to earn tons of bonus rewards and be cutting a path through the Hollow in no time? :thinking:

In all seriousness…better make the deals enticing for Mici, I hear she’s going to whale a bit on her new account :blush:

@Lil_Baby_Nothing has not replied in 2 hours :open_mouth: this must be a record


I know how much you like pie

Hmmm … not leaving than? Indeed quite the opposite ! :rofl:

I tried to leave.
People kept s#!t posting.
I came back to warn them.
Some people… Never learn.

I hope they don’t get what they are asking for…
I have enjoyed the silence.

I could really use 20 stam packs.

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