State of the Game 2018


Since Update 2.0

Since 2.0 lots of great things have happened in PQ. We are really proud of how far the game has come, and are incredibly grateful to all our players who have stuck it out with us for the long haul. We also welcome all our newer fans, and those who continue to join up on the PQ adventure.

In the last year we have received more feedback than ever. The guild leader Discord channel has been a huge success. That feedback, along with suggestions from the forum and support tickets, have told us what the players needed to make the game better for them. The number of positive game changes that have come out of those discussions is boggling even to our minds, and we aren’t done!

3.0 is on the horizon. In the coming year we are going to continue to evolve and improve PQ. Here is a look back at a few things that have happened, and a look forward at what is to come!

Looking back

The Grind
One of the biggest pain points players expressed is the repetitive and excessive gear grind of Orange+5 to Orange+8. We took several steps toward making this better for everyone. We added pinch items to more places in the campaign. We increased the drop percentage of those items in the dungeon. We reworked the crafting recipes. For the most part, we’re happy with where the grind is now, and have no plans to make any further large adjustments. There is still room for improvement with the amount of time players need to spend on grinding old purple items in orange recipes. More to come in 3.0 when we’ll add a guild perk which doubles the drop rate of all purple items in normal campaign.

Server Merges
You asked for it and we delivered. PerBlue had never done server merges before, so this was all new territory for us. It took a bit to build the systems needed to accomplish it and work out best practices, but after 3 merges we think we have it down. Overall the merges have been a huge success. S1 and S4 are more active and healthier than ever. Once S6 is merged into S4, we anticipate each server to be in a healthy place, and we don’t have short-term plans to do any further merging.

Time requirement
F2p games all have one thing in common. Some players spend money and others don’t. It has been our philosophy at PerBlue that all players should be able to enjoy our games regardless of whether they give us money or not. One thing we strive to do is make the difference between spenders and non-spenders be time investment. F2P players should be able to reach the same levels as our P2P players after some time. P2P players should see value in their investment because it reduces the time requirements of the game. We have addressed this in a number of ways.

  • We made dungeon delving more lucrative for our F2P players to grind, and added premium features, like the Boots of Speed consumable, to make dungeon grinding faster.
  • We introduced Crusade raiding for our VIP players.
  • We streamlined the stamina purchasing screen flow so that it doesn’t require a million taps.
  • To much fanfare, we greatly improved contest rewards to be more valuable and worth participating in for players at all competition levels.
  • With 3.0 we will be increasing the drop rate of Raid tickets allowing our F2P and moderate spenders more of the raiding benefits our P2P players have enjoyed.
  • Coming up in the next few months you will be seeing more improvements in this area.
    • We will be increasing the dungeon walk speed for all players!
    • We will be adding auto-raiding features so players can complete gear in a single tap.
    • We will be increasing the stamina cap again and adding a “fill Stamina” button to the stamina consumable window.

These are just a few of the time saving and value improvement plans we have planned for the future. Stay tuned for more to come!

Growing Pains
With the gear changes and merges, we understand that things have been unpredictable for our players, to say the least. We pulled out a lot of stops to make these changes as smooth and fair as possible, to mixed reviews. We expect this time of chaos has come to an end. We’ve learned a lot during the process and are using those lessons to inform future development. Things like Quad Drops has been very well received, but now that merges are complete and we’re happy with the state of gear progression, we don’t plan on putting them in our regular rotation of events. They may return, but on very, very rare occasions.

Update 3.0

The big new change in 3.0 is the introduction of Red Rarity.


  • With 3.0 we are revamping the entire gear crafting system for all heroes once they reach red. This will do a couple things. First, the locations players will need to grind will be limited to a few chapters. This will correct the problem players have in Orange where they are asked to hunt down tons of purple items from early game chapters in order to progress their heroes in the current rarity. Second, it will eliminate the exponential stamina requirement growth players see in Orange rarities. The stamina requirement for gearing your heroes in Red will be around the same as it was in Orange +4. The Stamina increase as rarity goes up will be a much more gentle slope instead of a hockey stick.

New Stats - Damage Type and Resistance

  • When a hero reaches Red they will automatically gain a Resistance type (either Magic or Physical) and each of their damaging skills will get a damage type of Magic, Physical or True.
    • Skills with any damage type will do increased damage to heroes with no resistance (aka not Red)
    • Skills with magic damage will do increased damage to heroes with physical resistance. Same with physical damage vs magic resistance
    • Skills with physical damage will do reduced damage to heroes with physical resistance same with magic damage vs magic Resistance

Subclasses: It’s all about Honor

  • Once a hero hits Red, players will be able to customize them by choosing an Honor class. As you know each hero has a role: Tank, Damage or Support. Now Each roll will have 2 Honor Classes allowing players to specialize each hero.

We will have a full rundown on Red Rarity progression in the upcoming patch notes.

Beyond 3.0 and into 2019

What’s next thing for PQ after Red?

War Rework
The next thing on the team’s radar right now is a rework of War. We have heard a lot of feedback for some time about what a slog war can be.“It is fun but stressful and lasts too long.” Sometime early in 2019 we hope to roll out a revamped war that is a better and more streamlined experience for our guilds

War season Rewards
The quality and consistency of war rewards has also been a point of contention for players as they don’t feel like they are representative of the effort players put into the event. We want to make the end of a war season satisfying for all our players and rewarding for our top competitors.

More chests
With the number heroes in the game we realize that the gold chest has become diluted and it has become increasingly challenging for players to get the heroes they want. In order to address this we will be adding an improved gold chest to the purchasing options, as well as other different kinds of chests that allow players to get the things they want easier.

More guild shops
We have plans for 3 more guild shops allowing guilds to purchase Chests, Consumables and Cosmetics

This is just a sampling of what’s to come. As always, we have other things in the roadmap, and we’ll need to be agile to adjust to player feedback and maintaining healthy growth of the game. If your pet improvements for PQ aren’t listed here, that doesn’t mean we aren’t listening and aren’t working on it.

We appreciate you being engaged fans of PQ and we hope you’ll enjoy the changes we have for the future.


This is… interesting


This is great news. Can’t wait for 3.0. A little diversity is always a welcome addition.


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Unbelievable. This is just more proof that Perblue wants to make money so they can pay their employees and keep the game running.

Enjoy the game while it lasts, because I predict that it’ll last for 10 more years at most.


What part didn’t you like? Seems pretty good


Can you give a rough timescale of when you are likely to be introducing 3.0? Just want to know how long us F2P have got to get our heroes ready!!


3.0 is about 2 weeks away


All the costumization look amazing and the special resistance.

Well the grind is always being hard but fun. Cool if you guys have some upgrades to do.

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I always have say that totally understand the need of adding new heroes but. Really have to mix up and not make it all that p2p player because f2p player or low spender are getting way behind.

Really looking forward this new stuff.

Just try to hear and understand what we as Player think. So you guys can keep the game alive.

You have to see the value of good spender player that have gone. Because of not pay attention.


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Did you see the speed when dungeon first came out? T.T It’s nice that they keep improving it every so often. I wish they were a bit less amateurish and had all this planned out before release, but I’m happy they are indeed learning as they go, which is a lot better than both starting off badly and refusing to improve! :slight_smile:


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