State of the Game 2018


Very very interesting if.


It would be more interesting if it was more about customizing heroes, like gem options, rather that new heroes always beat old heroes. Like someone could have a killer version of that axe dude and people really need to up their strategy skills rather than old heroes are never worth keeping up. Then think through team combinations with team building skills in such a way that people dont need to keep all toons up to max but to pick ones to focus on… even more interesting would be guild level needs for people with teams focused on x to balance their war strategy. Well, thsts what i am going to develop for my game.:slightly_smiling_face:


It’s more or less excactly what they are doing atm…


You mean Mo? I heard once he gets his epic, he’ll be pretty much op. Maybe @WizarteroX can confirm?


I’ve heard rumours about it being a pretty epic epic. Justice For Mo


I’ve heard rumours that when you make Mo epic, it actually shaves his beard to be a Mo


For Pete’s sake keep the beard, gives him character, plus he’s earned every one of those gray hairs just like me


I heard, all you need is Epic Mo and Epic Mo alone to beat any lineup. Mo’s foes are going dooooowwwn!


Every time people refer to elders enemies as mo’s foes, I giggle.

Every. Single. Time.


10 more years is actually pretty good considering mobile games like temple run and subway surfers aint last 5years before it started dying out amongst its fan base


Is the next update still on schedule for next week? Or will it be pushed to after US Thanksgiving? @Polaris


I’m curious as to when this new update will be as well, and will it mean there is a new rarity increase for srvr 4? Just wondering if I need to get my toons ready for yet another increase…


Holy pooperdoodles this sounds epic!