State of the Game 2018


That’s my main problem with red; I appreciate the attempts to lessen the grind (I’ve managed to get lots of red items equipped just from grinding Endless), but this whole waste resources on heroes you don’t use in order to improve the ones you do use is a terrible idea and it makes it very difficult for many players to enjoy the game/stay competitive.


I think it just boils down to the horribleness of o8 grind. Once red it is ok finding what yiu need even in dungeon. I throw up a little every time i get to o7 and o8 on a toon i need to be red just for their essence.


True for mobi Xero, but I have PC games from early 90s that I still enjoy playing. Mobi pvp becomes too boring, broken or costly too fast maybe. Seems like after 1 or 2 years at most it’s fluff and/for money!


Lil Red blame that damnable Evony that turned RPG gaming into Sea World! Could see it coming a mile away and stuck with games like Patricians! Now the underworked and overpaid insecure folk have their artificial ego boost arenas worldwide and there are plenty of popping and flopping devs to provide them! Back to tower defense days for me :wink: