State of the Game 2019

Since Update 3.0

3.0 brought a lot of great features to the game and we have continued to push forward with a lot of what we discussed in our last state of the game.

What We’ve Worked On

War Rework

While the War Rework is still in progress, we are relatively happy with how new war has been going. There is still more work to be done on the feature, but we hope to eventually roll it out to all of the servers. Our current focus is improving matchmaking, and adding some interesting twists to Challenger tier by hiding the Attacking lines from the defending guild.

Server Merges

We’ve seen how impactful these merges have been for the health of the game and we have continued to monitor all of the servers with a close eye. As we have mentioned already, S8 and S9 will be merging in the fall. More new servers and more merges are sure to come.

Quality of Life

Since 3.0 our team has invested a great deal of time to improving the overall quality and experience for all of our players. We’ve received a lot of feedback and worked very closely with our player base through CS tickets, the Guild Leaders Discord Channel and here on the forums. From those conversations, we’ve added various items like Free Epic Forge Charges, and worked to streamline player experiences to speed upkeep and reduce the number of taps needed to play. We’ve seen a great deal of use of the Auto Crafting feature and are happy to call it a success. We have more plans to improve your experience in PQ and there are many more QoL changes on the way. You keep telling us and we’ll keep improving.

Free to Play Improvements

With all F2P games where it’s possible to buy power and progress, there is a problem with players who don’t spend as much (or anything) getting left behind the pack. Since 3.0, we have continued to add catch up mechanics to help those players stay relevant in the meta. We added an additional essence drop every third rarity. We also added new trials and a new currency to help our F2P players get more essences and epic gear. We want to make sure that all of our players are getting the things they need. One example is adding a new set of trials for people to obtain essences and epic gear, as well as vastly increasing the hero XP people get from those trials. Next on deck we will be working on bringing more value to Weekly Quests and Merchants.

What We’re Working On

Portal Quest is still going strong and we’ve got a lot of great things in the works for the future.


Portal Quest has had its share of bugs and issues. We work very hard to bring you a quality product and sometimes bugs slip through the cracks. Some of these bugs affect just a few people and some of them affect everyone. One of our main goals moving forward is going to be to remove as many of the problematic bugs as possible from the game, and get out releases with as few new ones as possible.


Over the last 2 years Portal Quest has grown into a robust and full-featured game. As a player there is so much fun to be had in the various game modes. We think Portal Quest is as big of a game as it needs to be. Our new players have years of content to get through and our old players have stuck around through a lot of changes and additions. We want to focus now on making the features already in the game better and more streamlined without changing the core.

One thing we want to stress for the whole community is that we have no plans to stop creating new heroes or the highly requested cosmetics. Heroes have always been the heart of Portal Quest and we want all of our players to continue to enjoy the fun and exciting characters that have brought life to the game. We do however want to give players more consistency in their releases so you can reliably expect when new content is on the way. As always, please keep sending us ideas for heroes and cosmetics!


The Guild Leader Discord channel has been an invaluable resource to our team, but we always want to know more. We will be working on an in-game survey system to help ensure that all of your voices are heard.

Shop Improvements

Our intention with all the shops is to keep the inventory fresh and exciting. We know this hasn’t always been the case, and they often feel stale. We plan to work on bringing some life to the various shops and merchants. One frequent request is to put different consumables into the merchants and not have to wait for diamond bundles to run. We will be working to create a special Diamond Merchant where players can purchase a wide variety of items and resources.

We appreciate having you as part of the Portal Quest community, and hope you are looking forward to some of these future plans!





Time for a Flamingo-hero. Or a Fish-hero


Or a pixie hero!!

Oh… Wait…
Never mind :wink:

Y’all really need to step it up and fix all the glitches in the damn game while making everything cheaper to help the f4p people


Strongly agree with @Lextraianes about the flamingo hero, that guy is onto something :two_hearts:

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“State of the game”. Not good! Especially for non-whales.


What they need another? We got 1of those, 1 Oasis, 1Turtle. Where is Sonic Bunny? :wink:


Zero issues from this non whale. Challenger in arena, Platinum 1 in tournament. Never miss a contest reward and 31 fully equipped heros.

How is that an issue for a nonwhale?


Always the same, though more of it. And than there are the claims :wink::rofl::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


@Polaris I think the state of the game is currently actually very good.

Yes, there are bugs, and there always will be in all games. You’ve been doing a good job at getting rid of them.

As a free to play, I am coping fine with all the new additions, whilst still having enough stuff to maintain my decent heroes, and still to develop more. Keep it up.

A few things to think about:

  1. War matchmaking… Vary who we fight. I’d prefer not to have the same guild every other war like at the moment. You probably have been notified of this already but it always helps.

  2. Tower drops are very insignificant now that honour trials give so much.

  3. Make sure there some stamina packs for each contest as tier rewards. Also, I think more points should be given for spending diamonds in a gold and diamonds contest, as players have way over double the gold compared to diamonds.

  4. Keep it up


I appreciate the Quality of Life improvements you have made, but you missed the one I’ve been asking for. Many players have over 1000 essences equipped. Topping them off requires selecting each one individually and holding down the fill button. This is not fun.

We really need a shortcut or two. I have a few suggestions, but I’d be happy with anything.


That was the other thing I wanted

I wish I had anywhere near 1000 essences lol
Levelling them is a problem that I wish I had

I don’t really have enough either. Even doing my favourite heroes takes ages. I feel for the big time spenders (or do I :thinking:)

For me…
State of game…

OK could be better without whales. But that’s not gona happen… PB needs to get paid… but people with money tend to decide the fate of game. Even though not entirely dedicated gamers.
A cap on spending may help… again won’t happen.
Lower costs for deals and deals having a cap.
So more people would be inclined to buy.
Overall more fair for none whales and at least closes the gap a bit.

Too many guilds… wayyy too many… increase cost of creating a guild massively… whether it be by level… or resources. Kinda forces people to join a guild… or meet higher requirements to make one.

Poor rewards barely worth doing. Need something like the aspect trials to.make it more worthwhile… I’d love to suggest a 3rd trial that offers 1 or 2 stamina packs depending on difficulty

Forum servers
Have a section in forum for each server… 1 thru 10. Or whatever applies due to merges
Each server has own discussion on forum. Discussing internal issues…
Many issues discussed here as a whole don’t apply to many players… or other players in different servers see differently and may not quite understand certain issues within the servers.
Having sub forums for each server could give players a little more of a voice rather than a s10 player saying xxxxx and then a s1 player just saying blah blah just get better.
U know what I mean
Each server is different… we should treat it that way.

Updates… …
My.main gripe…
I know they are 100% needed but my issue is how long they might take.
Updates are announced but we don’t get a general estimation of how long it might take.
I know it’s not as simple as saying
Yea this update will take 30 minutes
Because of potential issues that could happen.
But maybe a ball park figure would be nice and maybe announced on forum…
Such as
Servers expected to be up and running by xxxxx of clock… and if there was any delays… another announcement saying updates taking longer than scheduled ETA xxxxx.

Some updates are quick some are looong. Just be nice be know roughly how long.

Random hot fixes or announced updates when it.comes to.portal lord quests.
I feel that PL quests countdown should be FROZEN and actually all in game countdown should be frozen until server resumes normal function. Annoying when a quest is accepted then seeing ‘server update in 15 minutes’ in chat

Update can take hours… loose out on valuable time… no reason quest countdown can’t be stopped until update is done.

Just what comes to mind right now.


Or just make it easier for people to actually find a guild that is a good fit for them.
Most folks I’ve known who start one do it because they can’t find a guild that doesn’t treat them like dirt. The guild recommendation list is seemingly completely random and the recruiting tabs are often over run by people goofing off. If people looking could go to the guilds list and sort it by some variables it might be much easier for them to find a group that they’ll want to stay with. Especially newer players who don’t know they’re way around yet.

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War is a joke, even more so when only top guilds get end of war rewards and bonus boxes. So basically if someone isnt in a p2w guild ran by drill sergeants tagging everyone in war using line, you get no end of war bonuses.
For the amount of time war takes its pretty cheap not to give out some prizes at other tier levels. Its like giving out a Christmas bonuses to 1% of the office.
Now for a vast majority of players the only end of war bonus is having an extra day off where we don’t have to do war.
The game is getting old and boring, its time for something interesting, the state of this game is boring… your game is boring. Please invent something new. If i didn’t save up enough resources for a year, I’d gladly stop playing it today. It used to be fun and fresh, now I’d rather just do work.

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There are rewards (pretty nice ones) after every battle regardless of Tier.
56 guilds on Server 1 made it into challenger last season. I guarantee you that the majority of those don’t have drill sergeants on staff. We’re half full and have a handful of FTP players and had no trouble getting there.

I’m not saying there’s nothing to be fixed in war but picking on the fact that the participation award isn’t big enough seems like an odd hill to choose.