Stocking guild shop


How do you stock guild shop without spending diamonds? Do u have to upgrade it or something? We just opened it and no one wants to spend gems to stock it


Guild leaders and commanders can stock it using guild influence.


Using the word Diamonds and Gems in the same post

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Of course they dont id suggest having the leaders do the stocking of guild shop as theyre able to use guild influence rather than diamonds …i figured that out by bein officer and the options were only use my own diamonds or have leader stock but the leaders are unaware that lower levels are required to use there own diamonds unless you show them a screenshot one thing tho regular and veteran members will not see the option to stock guild shop so i suspect youre an officsr as i was it was confusing until i invested 25 of my diamonds however that was for stocking a single scrap and after that scrap has been purchased there is still the slot available for the guild to fill so have the leaders use the guild influence that is automatically given to the guild from members doing quests and other things everyone can donate daily to get script but that doesnt mean you will see those items for purchase the guild needs to open more slots and the 25 diamonds was more of a test and realy pointless to do again as that slot will only hold one scrap the amount of scraps you want to see available goes up accordingly so not reccommended using your own diamonds unless your wealthy and feel like throwing them away


most people already knew this

Aren’t you a commander?
Now you’re an officer hmmmm


Depends which of my accts and which server you found me being an officer leader commander veteran maybe even just a member but definitely you didnt find any demotion i use the same name on multiple accounts and if i was responding from an s8 or s10 acct. Its either leader now or member unless i got promoted to officer not that it matters much im more interested in playin the game and learning everything i can about it to build the strongest acct i can and helping others do the same by sharing whatever info about the game i can so long as its not private game info such as guild related that stuff stays private


It’s an online forum.
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Otherwise people lose interest about what you are saying and have to concentrate very hard on what you are saying which in nine out of ten times if not nine hundred and ninety nine times out of one thousand is not worth the effort and people just end up thinking that when they see your name that they will just click past your post as it’s not actually a worthwhile investment of their time and energy when they could be running the epic dungeon trying to get their team power up to top a useless power ranking chart which pointless as it is would be an infinitely better use of energy than making it to the end of this sentence. Congratulations.

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NP, just saw you saying you were a commander in one post and officer in another
So just got confused


Diamonds and gems are 2 different things


Yes, exactly?
you just confirmed what I said?