Strange thing after latest update

Being the highest member in power in my group along with our leader, we have a very good maxed fighting force. But after latest update, noticing all of a sudden our top fighters can’t beat a line in war less then half our line. I am not just talking say a simple few weak fighters, i am talking how thier entire line wipes out our forces. What should be a simple fight has gone out of wack. And this happened after the recent update.

Anyone else seeing this?

Are you sure the opponent line isn’t higher leveled than you?
Are you sure your opponent doesn’t have higher epic skill level?
Are you sure you use a good line that works on the opponent line?
A good lineup can beat some lines but not every line
Are you sure you fight without auto and actually carefully use your skills at the perfect time for maxium damage?
Are you sure you aren’t high right now?

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Yes on everything. I can see maybe on the level is near mine but not one that is more then half less then mine. And i am not only one who has seen this going on

What server you on?

And could I maybe see a screenshot from the war attack?

Soon as i GRT enough points i will send it. It was a 10 point tower

They mean a screenshot like that…

Of your actual attack and fail.
From the war screen

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Aaaannnndddd please don’t tell me you are talking about a line that’s already been hit, and you are cleaning up.

Because , yes they can be “fun”

yeah, I meant a screenshot from the war log, like Mici showed

Let’s see if i can post them

Not sure if this is relevant but I had what I assume a freak win in fortress. Bear in mind no hero’s had epics .Screenshot_20190518-215517|281x500

It’s a clean.
They start charged

Of course you’re going to struggle without the right sort of heroes.

Binder twins swash ice type people

People that are hidden, or that you can channel their skill early.

Mass and bird are worse than useless in cleans.

Between ice slow, hermit shields, noob reflect, dragon lava and wisp energy steal…

You’re in trouble, even with the rarity difference


Their team is epic skilled and have crystals.

Yours aren’t even epic yet.

Git gud

Sorry for multiple posts , but have you even ever warred before lol?

The person in your guild that hit this line first, needs advice on which heroes to hit with.

(I would love to see a screenshot of the first war hit against this line…)

If they don’t improve, they deserve a kick.

If you use line or discord @Demi_God_Pinhead pm me here and you can have my id, If you want some tips :slight_smile:

You need to get your heroes epic and with crystals, it helps a lot
And also the lines you use, aren’t exactly good

Lol go easy on the guy geez not everyone can be high level in the game. This looks like a low level guild war anyway. Like below top 50 stuff

We know
But advice is useful

Perhaps it might seem rude, saying how he could change a lot of things
But in the end, he will remember those things and become better

We all started in the bottom without a clue on how the game works

Just wanted to update that the info helped and now helping others in guild to get stronger. Thanks everyone


I am. I have been stuck at the same place in the campaign ever since the last update.