Strange thing after latest update

I know I’m kinda late, but I wanted to add something here…
The difference in epic abilities was already mentioned, buuuuuut going against double boosted finesse heroes with fury heroes, is the worst thing you can do :see_no_evil:

Finesse > Fury
Fury > Focus
Focus > Finesse

  • you have to count in mage towers too…

Bonjour pouvez vous m aider?j ai perdu mon compte…cela fait 4jours…j étais niveau 169.merci

Voici mon mail

Why can’t I ever get enough HP to keep my heroes leveled up? Lord knows I’ve spent enough money!!

Do you mean XP?! If yes, keep resetting honor trials on monday, wednesday, friday & sunday :wink:
If you have enough trial resets, that is…

That’s the easiest & fastest way to get XP

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