Style Chest purchase

It would be good to be able to buy style chests as well as gold/silver chests. I would set a price lower than the Gold chest and put a limit of 5 different stamps/borders/colours or skins in. Say 100 gems per chest?

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Never gonna happen. Style chests are worth way more than gold chests.

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Worth a try though. :grin:

BTW, I returned to the game after a year. What are styles actually worth? The explanation is more than scarce.

You get rewards when you have certain combinations. Hero shards, higher drobs, more trials in elite etc.

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I have never gotten a style chest other than as a contest reward or a portal lords reward. Is there another way to obtain one???

Buy them with real money.
When they end up in deals.

Orrrrrrrrr if the honour tokens deal is a cosmetic you already have, you’ll get them instead

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