Style Chest Update!

Later today (2PM CT server restart) we’ll be adding some new cosmetics to the Style Chests. This will be a mix of Portal Lord exclusives and Gold Cosmetics. We haven’t done the best job of explaining when Exclusive Cosmetics move in or out of the Style Chests. Moving forward you can expect Cosmetics to adhere to the following guidelines for when they will be added or removed from the Style Chests.

Portal Lord Exclusive Cosmetics:

Whenever a Cosmetic is added to the game exclusively through a Portal Lords event it will be withheld from Style Chests until the next Portal Lord event happens. This goes for Skins, Stamps, and Borders. For clarification, these Cosmetics have always been withheld from Style Chests during the events but we haven’t had a solid pattern in place for when they eventually got added to the Style Chests.

Gold Cosmetics:

Over the past few releases we’ve consistently added new Gold Skins and Chat Stamps with each release and we will continue to do so. We have rotated some Gold Cosmetics out of the Style Chests already but haven’t had a definitive pattern for when this would happen. Moving forward these sets of Gold Cosmetics will be available in the Style Chests for three major releases. For now we are only adding some to the Style Chests but we will make sure to call out any Gold Cosmetic rotations in patch notes when they happen with future releases.

Cosmetics being added to the Style Chests:


  • Golden Grave Wraith
  • Golden Mystic Punk
  • Golden Forest Hermit
  • Golden Panther Stalker
  • Golden Shield Maiden
  • Aerobics Cultist
  • Denim Hermit
  • Prom Princess


  • Gold Butterfly Stamp
  • Gold Cloud Stamp
  • Gold Not Hot Stamp
  • Gold Panther Stamp
  • Gold Tombstone Stamp
  • Left Pow Stamp
  • Right Pow Stamp
  • Sloth Stamp
  • Panda Stamp


  • The Handlebar
  • The Walrus
  • The Dali
  • Pencil Stache
  • The Chevron
  • Might and Mane
  • Getting Hot
  • On Fire
  • Engulfed in Flames

Is the game down for anyone else…? :wink:

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Mine is down

I blame Bob!

Can you make an Option for Borders to disable the idiotic sayings that go with them in chat? Like many borders, but not the chat stuff.

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Yay pancakes

They’re doing a Style Chest Update!

Post emoji before and after your chat message it removes the arrrh me hearties and all that crap

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