Style/cosmetic Chests

Out of 50 style chests!! Not 1 skin,frame or colour!! Very poor PB and you want people to spend money!!


If you are wondering why the complaint …

What server are you on?

I think if you don’t have honour tokens - or red heroes - then you don’t get cosmetics from style chests. I think. Someone correct or confirm please.

Anyway, I’d save up your style chests

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I’ll correct.

You don’t get honour tokens for duplicate stuff.
You get shards instead.

As advised , don’t open style chests until red rarity / more stuff is released.

Check the cosmetics tab for how little you have left to unlock…

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If your not owned screen is quite empty…

Then you aren’t going to get many cosmetics…


I stand corrected

Surely should of had a few?

I’m a little confused. I thought duplicates showed as honor tokens instead? I don’t recall ever getting hero shards. Strange…

I just opened 38 and I got a whack of honor tokens and a handful of cosmetics. I usually accumulate style chests these days and really don’t have much reason to open them. I rely on the cosmetic chests to gain the straggling cosmetics

If they don’t have red rarity, they don’t have honor tokens, so they get shards :slight_smile:

Although, that up there, is really unusual.

As you saw in the drop down menu, there is an “in style chests” option.

Might be worth having a look to check that they are actually available on your server yet?

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Ya, I was actually pretty surprised I got that many cosmetics in that batch. These days I’m extremely lucky if I get 2-3 pieces. It was a good open :slight_smile:

And thank you for that tidbit. However, if all of you toons are at Red+* then would that mean honor tokens will always show up (and not shards) in place of duplicates?

In the OP’s case they may not have promoted all of their toons to a minimum of Red? I see a number of toons in their screenshot that I would have guessed are at least Red given they fit into metas or defense lines (at least on S8).

They are probably on server 11 which isn’t at red rarity yet

What Mici says :slight_smile: if they had honor shop, they’d get the tokens. I’ve never had shards in my chests, cause I never had them without honor shop and the honor token update

Server 10 Pixie.

Server 10 doesnt have red until next rarirty, which should be next week , but like mici says, those skins showing as not owned, you have to check the in cosmetic chests drop down to see if those not owned are in the cosmetics rotation as they switch up the golds cosmetics quite regularly, as seen in your pics posted most of the not owned owned is mainly gold an may not even be in rotation at all

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So as an example, as you can see in the not owned i need gold ice skin, checkin the in cosmetics drop down you will notice its not available as no is no longer in rotation right now


Sorry had to switch accounts from krispy for that, but hope that info helps

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