Suggestion: Cap fortress rewards requirement

Currently, the requirements for fortress rewards are based on the total power of all one’s heroes. As the number of heroes rises, the number of lines required to meet receive all the rewards grows from 6 to 7 to 8 to … This means that over time, fewer guild members are able to reach the last reward.

The obvious solution is to make a more difficult fortress with more lines, but nobody wants that. Please don’t do that. Please. An alternative would be to cap the final requirement. Perhaps the total power of a player’s top 50 heroes. Maybe 25x the power of a players top hero. Another alternative is 6x a player’s top team.

This isn’t much of a problem right now, but in a few months when we have 90-100 heroes we’ll start feeling it more.


I thought fortress was based of our heroes in Royal Tournament

You are correct. The lines in the fortress are based on tourney. The rewards of diamonds, torches, etc. are based on your total power. As you get more power, you have to clear more lines for the same rewards.

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