Suggestion for fortress


Currently, some guilds have to limit the number of flags members can complete to give everyone a chance to attack. This makes it impossible to get enough points to complete the rewards for the majority of players. Both making these decisions and abiding by them are unfun activities.

I suggest that once the fortress is complete, reinforcements are sent in. Maybe 10 rows (or all of them if it’s easier to code) refill. No guild reward should be given for these, so there is no pressure on non-elite guilds to keep up.


We set the flags at 9 some people chose to hit fortress some don’t.

With four hours remaining with tag those that haven’t hit to give them chance and lift flags with two hours remaining and let those that have already hit close it.

It’s all about what’s the best fit for you guild.


Turn your fortress difficulty up.

If you’re honestly saying everyone can’t fill their bars with the fortress as it is.
And that it gets finished every day…

Then turn the difficulty up


Our Fortress difficulty is at the max and we’re still flooded with garbagey sub-60K lines. I’m not talking a few of them, I mean the majority of them are crummy weak lines. I have no idea how PerBlue calculates what should be in our Fortress, because the lines we get in the Fortress are in no way an accurate representation of our heroes or the way they are used.


Maybe ask your guild mates to try and promote in tournament?

That is where the lines come from.


As much as I like blaming guildmate, I think fixing the difficulty algorithm would be a better choice. I seriously doubt 3/4 of my guild is stuck in silver III.

We would raise the difficulty, but we’re maxed and ours doesn’t go to 11.


I have 2 accounts on s1 in very different guilds.
The more casual guild with player levels from 109 to 140. We have fort on the easiest possible level and 85% of our lines are hard red lines 60% of our guild can’t even beat.
My other guild which is a top 3 guild with everyone at 140. We have fort on the hardest possible level and 85% of our lines are o2-o6 hero ranks. Do you know how many lines it takes to defeat to fill my 1mil required bar? Too many.

So in summary, a decent active casual guild has mostly red level lines on easiest level amd cant complete it. Top 3 competitive guild has mostly o3-o6 lines and it takes ten zillion lines to fill our bars.

This is what is wrong with fort. The idea that tourney lines determine fort lines is NOT backed by the evidence i see. Or their algorithm is broken and not working as intended.


I’ve seen the same thing, or rather a friend in a much lower-ranked guild and I have. I complained about my guild having garbage lines in Fort, and he sent me a video showing a Fort full of lines that most of them would have no hope of completing. If we could switch forts, we’d both be happy–they’d get the low-orange bits and scraps, and we’d get the nice crunchy high-point red lines!