Suggestion for sparkling pony


because of how difficult it is to earn pony shads could you drop it down to 75 for 4 stars and 130 for 5?


when you get pony to 5* it actually feels like an accomplishment instead of a meh I got another one.


yeah but feeling burned out crawling dungeons for the hope that after the nineteenth level you would get at least one pony is both taxing on wallet and mind, Im really good at this game but having to grind and have very little sleep because i need an overpowered healer to at least beat someone in the arena with the same healer is a pain, just saying they should at least change shard amount or drop rate


I think it’s too easy to get pony 5 star tbh I got him from two to five stars in about 1500 keys none of them bought so the wallet thing is silly.


dont you realise how absurd 1500 dungeons is?


I think he is too easy to get actually…


I still hold my opinion no necessity to get pompous, I work 85 hours per week and barely get any down time.


Dude check your spelling fist. Second thats what you have to do unless you want the rpg game rules


Not sure what you mean. Pony shards drop all over the place. I have him 5* with 125 extra, and I don’t even spend money on the game.


English is for alot of people their second or even third language please consider before whining about spelling and be glad they do it in english.



Sorry you are finding Sparkle Pony hard to farm - Favor should help with this! Unfortunately the number of stones required to Evolve a Hero aren’t likely to change any time soon, since it’s standard for all.