Suggestion for war

I believe it would relieve intra-guild conflict if ap were in a total guild pool and then everybody could withdraw up to 6 before requesting from leaders. Significant conflict is created within guilds simply because someone didn’t donate points. This seems to me pointless. Why make it more difficult for 40 people to get along?

I’ve also been wanting to know if mici is the plural form of mousey in the queens english.

In the queen’s English, mice would be the plural of mouse.

Mici apparently is a sausage in some language.
Which is unfortunate lol.

Particularly as I chose the name “Miciona” originally.
Partly because it plays off the name Catriona.

Also, it was the nickname of a female mob boss, which in English translates to “Little Cat”, or “big kitten”, or some such thing. It’s been three years.

Given at the time, I was just starting out in this game, and was in the MOBsters guild but wanting to hop from there to Litter Box, it seemed appropriately duplicitous.
Particularly as I would have been the lowest power player in there, if my hop had been successful at that point…

Any move to take the points away from individuals at the start, rather than them having to click an auto donate button every so often, is a move that encourages guilds to hang on to inactive players.

Per blue will never agree to such a suggestion (WHILE THE GAME IS STILL PROFITABLE AND TOP GUILDS ARE STILL SPENDING) and when that stops, they would be more likely to close the servers, rather than waste time inventing a couple of new heroes a month, as we head towards Gold+28 shudders

Pesky people that couldn’t be bothered to type Miciona made me Mici.

Which totally lost the Catriona link.
And turned me from an Italian Cat (true story!) to a Romanian sausage.

I am not of Romanian descent.
Nor am I a sausage.

Still, I’ve been called worse :wink:

I’ll be blunt…

How ‘bout no

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