Suggestion: Gold and XP storage

2 billion gold/XP doesn’t go as far as it used to. Over 100 players will score over 2 billion points this contest on S1. Upgrading all the essences next update will cost 1.26 billion xp. By necessity, the numbers will just increase over time and affect less whalish players.

I suggest creating items that store XP and gold. For example, an XP note could be purchased for 1.1 billion XP and later cashed in for 1 billion XP. The same could be done with gold. This would make resource management easier.

Alternatively, you could use 64 bit integers.


I like this idea…
I love this idea :heart_eyes:

I’ll let you in on a secret
There are players who per blue still owe billions in xp too due to when you hit cap it used to reset to zero xp and as a goodwill gesture pb offered to reimburse the loss whenever the players wanted

I know of one player who still has 4 billion xp to collect from this method and won’t cash it in until they are absolutely desperate
That was 1 year+ ago and they still have the option to cash it in

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Hi Cottontail. How would I know if I am owed xp from cap raise. I have never received any and it’s the first I’ve heard this.

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I’m VIP lvl 16 n spent loads

It was back when there werent many servers.
Xp and gold cap used to reset back in the day once the cap was reached
It was patched out and made so that once you hit the cap you can’t surpass it or lose what you had.

No one can earn it since then. A select few had the refunded offer as it was rightly their hard earned resources :sunglasses:

Thanks buddy, how far are talking .I cant get into game but I’m sure I’ve played for over 2 years

I’m not really sure how to play every Tim I play it says its havein trouble with Google or something

Isn’t this similar to whaling? But just an option to hoard mass resources?
I feel this may affect new players and majority of f2p in the long run. And just creating a new divide. wrong and maybe misunderstood slightly.
Personally I feel if people could do this then contests as a whole become completely redundant for anyone who isn’t or has been capped for a while as getting half decent ranks seems impossible.

Sometimes quit the game and load again works, or turn Wi-Fi off n on, or data it works for me when it has trouble loading :wink:

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