Suggestion: MVP feature for guilds


As my guild has gotten more active, I have found many occasions where I wanted to congratulate a player for being the hero of the day: getting twice as many Fortress points as anyone else for the day, that last crucial battle in war, being hilarious in chat.

I would happily invest perk points in the ability to reward someone for doing good stuff. I know that reward can’t be too materially significant to avoid feature abuse or political resentment, but it would be even better if it could have no effect on game mechanics but be fun.


A Leader or Commander (or War Boss? Undecided, what do other people think?) can select one MVP every day, refreshed on the same schedule as the guild check-in. (Probably in the click menu in the guild hall, the same place you can promote or demote.)

Perk level 1: MVP gets a golden glow around their icon in guild chat for 24 hours.
Perk level 2: MVP gets some ridiculous special effect with zero game impact, like rainbows in the background of their game sky.
Perk level 3: MVP gets a small boost to some actual game effect, like a stamina item or drop boost, but not something big enough to start fights over who deserves it more. Something under 50 diamonds retail value.

What would other people like to see as no-to-low impact rewards that would just make people happy and reward people for good guild participation?


I agree with making the rewards not affect gameplay as that could cause problems.
A couple possibilities could be

A title next to your username “da beast” or something that follows you around all the chats for the day

Or if you want something gameplay related but not bad you could give free shop refresh item



I think the leader should be the only one who can decide an mvp. My first question is if only the leader can pick a mvp can he make himself be mvp all the time if that leader is selfish.

My first idea is can there be a voting system so other guild members can alsodo it but they cant vote for themselves.

My second idea is if there should be a cooldown period.
For example if this person got mvp of the day he cant be mvp for the next day.


Perhaps a weekly MVP chosen by the leader and the commanders would be ideal, and perhaps even more ideal would be a change in the rank systems and implement a voting system for the entire guild

But this voting system would be for any issue that you would like to propose.


I thought about a voting system but it seems like it would be one more thing to nag people about.

I like the suggestion that the same person cannot be MVP 2 days in a row, or even 3, and that the person choosing cannot select themself. Also, a Leader should never be Champion.

As the leader of my guild, I really, really don’t want to be the only person who can do the thing. Leaders need vacation days too.

Custom title seems great! It would be a good level2 perk. Maybe a 12 character limit, defaulting to (MVP) or (Champion) … as a Queen fan I am sentimental about not being able to label people champions since the title changes. In the medieval sense, guild champion should be a singular and not automatic title, so this game mechanic would fit it perfectly.

12 characters is long enough to say is the best! or Twinkle Toes without being unwieldy in chat display.

My reasoning on allowing a very minor game effect for the level 3 upgrade is that perk upgrades require long term commitment and cooperation; it’s not something two people can get by sitting alone in a 2-person guild and giving each other the benefit every other day. By the time a guild can afford to buy level 3 of a vanity perk, they will be accustomed to working together and there are probably highly advanced players in there who would go “oh, silver nuggets. How nice.” And smaller players could get a kick out of it without throwing off game balance.

For scale, 5 silver nuggets cost 20 diamonds in the shop and pay out 100k gold. At level 80 that is less than 2 skill points. Exciting for a level 40, a nice tiny bonus for me.


What if they have a really long name like Fiddleroyolanda smackonmytiddyboosters iii.

Also i can see why it should be commanders and leaders


Then the issue with chat rendering would be the name limit, not the title. And I would be proud of them for living the dream.


Ahh. Also the name was just a example. I already know its too long of a name from experience


the glowing ring for the day is a perfect idea! everyone would know immediately that player was mvp for the day. a player should not be a mvp twice in one week.