Suggestions to game

Hi all. I have 58d gameplay and I’m enjoying the game so far.
Here are some suggestions that I would like to see ingame:

1st: Arena: I think the rewards are good, but I don’t see much competition between the players. At the moment the vast majority of players do not play arena until practically the last minutes before the end. It is often a matter of timming and not of skill and should not be. In my opinion, a points system based within each division, where points would be won for each victory and lost for each lost would be a possible solution. This would require players to spend every attack every day, think more and better about every attack and possibly refresh for more attacks. In many games this system already exist, although in most of them the rewards are weekly.

2nd: Real time Arena: I would love that there was a real time arena with pre ban system and stuff. I will give an example of a game in which this competition was a success: Summoners War. It could be something similar, ofcourse adapted to our reality. The rewards could be different from arena itself, like skins, stamps, etc. something different from diamonds.

3rd: Weekly Rewards: in my opinion at this time the rewards for those who care to log in to the game every day of the week and care to do all the diferent quests, should be much better. It would make the players really care about being active, otherwise they would be losing rewards that would really make up a difference in their accounts.

4th: Tower: here is my suggestion of what could be: why not do it by levels? players would start at level 1 and go up to a maximum of 100 levels for exemple. Each level had rewards based on the difficulty itself and the rewards could be various: from diamonds, skins, stamps, frames, xp, gold, etc … at the end of each month the levels were reset to the beginning and so on each month.

These are just opinions of a person who loves the game and care to play it every day. I understand that there are limitations, each game is unique, however I would be happy if part of them could be adapted nd implemented in some way.

Thank you for your time.


I agree arena is kinda boring atm

Weekly rewards is fine since, it’s not a thing that has always been in the game, it’s only there to help players get some extra “free” loot without doing much. We already get good rewards from a feature which doesn’t make us do a lot of work.

The towers have a lot more “difficulties/levels”, those you see now isn’t even close to how many there are on the older servers

And I assume you’re a s11 players from the start of the messages saying 58 days
So there’s a lot more levels to the tower you will unlock when a cap raise arrives

But overall Arena need some rework