Suggestions to improve (mainly honor) trials

  1. Add a new level to the honor trials for level 270/275/280/285 then a new level when at least one of our heroes is level 300/315/330/so on for more efficient XP farming.

  2. Add a way for players under VIP 8 to use mega raid. Either a weekend event or a consumable sometimes found in the event tabs for diamonds.

  3. Add a shop hero chooser for the honor shop with 4 slots awarding ascension shards, for more efficient ascension shard farming (darn lucky charms).


3.5. Add another trials mode awarding ascension shards for random heroes in the ascension pool, with the same scaling rules as suggestion number 1.

  1. Lock the trials mode behind diamond alt amnesty rank
  1. Add dragon heir (and other dungeon boss heroes as they ascend) into the shop noted in 3.

Good suggestion

I’m known for good suggestions.
Aaaannnndddd sarcasm.

Not always in that order :wink:

All of this and more coming, with diamond alt amnesty rank.

What is this Azzclenchin I here speak of ? All that shard being found in every chest available and then some. Purple shard is more ewww than the other kind. I will resist until the last the attempt to make me do fluffy stuff. Give me my awesome Twins and Axe back now !!! And buff down every toon released after Axe as well , posers and usurpers !!!

The Blue Per men couldn’t entertain the whales with extended features to the chat app anymore. They came up with a new grind to make the shiny numbers go up.

Spend, spend, spend. Number go up.

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