Support on Holiday: December 21 - January 5

The PerBlue offices will be closed for a Winter Holiday December 21, 2019 - January 5, 2020. We will answer tickets again starting on Monday, January 6. :snowman:

We will be monitoring things for emergency situations during the break.

Thanks for being patient and Happy New Year!


Felices fiestas y feliz año a todos

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Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: :sparkler: and Happy New Year :revolving_hearts: :fireworks:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

What are you thinking by taking back items that you offered to people for sale, after they paid the money for it??? It’s like going to a store, buying something at a sale price, then the store takes the item back but doesnt give you your money back. You understand that you are stealing and that is illegal, right? @PerBlue

You put this offer of 2515 chests for $10. I paid you the $10. You can’t now take back the chests without giving me back my money. What makes you think that is legal? Doesn’t matter if you intended that to be the item or price, you priced it and now have to honor it.

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There was an error with the event and we’re in the process of correct the mistake. 2515 is too many chests for that event - an obvious mistake.

We will make sure players receive the correct amount for that event once the correction is completed.

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I purchased 3 times only to have them all taken of me… wtaf! So those that opened are now sittin on gear an gold galore…those that wanted to save get robbed… paid for what i seen… should be honoured or refunded… take it all back for all i care but give money back… cant be legal. Surely… so you can mess up an put any ridiculous quantities up to entice people to spend n then empty their accounts later due to your error

An what of the players now sat on 5 billion gold? I spent the same so should be entitled to the same. Just becuase we didnt open we get punished while others are rewarded

100% ,facts! Pay for what you see not what you worry about them taking of you

As I said, we’re in the process of correcting this. For players who already opened the chests, we’re removing resources, so they don’t have any unfair advantage.

Sales are final, it’s in your policy. You can not take back anything already purchased. You didn’t take back the 1100 of the 10 gold chests that allowed two punk guilds build their way to the top. Fair trade board will be contacted for this one. I want my purchase back!!!

Regardless of what you think is an unfair advantage or not, YOU advertised an offer and people paid money for it. You cannot now decide “oh I didnt mean to give you that much, but I’m keeping your money anyway”… that is ILLEGAL!

Like Krispy said, you can then go offer 100,000 stam packs for $20, then rake in all the money… then put out a memo and say sorry we meant it to be 1000 so we’re taking 99000 back, and we’re keeping your $20. How does that not sound illegal to you?

If you don’t think there is enough rich bored people to take you on, then try me. Honor your sale or settle in court!


This is not the same as the Marrow mistake where you gave people 2000 shards for free, in which case sure you can take them back since no one paid a penny… however, this is an advertised offer that people paid you money for, you have to either honor YOUR advertisement or refund all monies.

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Wisconsin law

This was a mistake - it wasn’t intended. One of the six items in the event had the number entered wrong. We’ve corrected that one item and made sure that players who mad a purchase did receive the correct number of chests for the event.

Also, I’ve confirmed that everyone did receive the diamond packs that they purchase. The items in the event are free with qualifying purchase and are not part of the cash transaction.


They are the reason for the purchase! And you know that