Support on Holiday: December 22 - January 6


The PerBlue offices will be closed for a Winter Holiday December 22, 2018 - January 6, 2019. We will answer tickets again starting on Monday, January 7. :snowflake:

We will be monitoring things for emergency situations during the break.

Thanks for being patient and Happy New Year!

Known Issues:

  • Weekly Quest progress bar empty.
    • This is a visual issue only - you can still claim the rewards you’ve earned this week. If you don’t see a claim button, please restart your client.


Have a nice break all :hugs:


I broke a nail playing your game


Does it count if I broke my bank playing pq​:joy::sunglasses:


Make sure you check in, so the rest of your guild won’t get on your case for not working together. Haha, lol. Merry Christmas!!!


How come nobody received the weekly rewards for doing the daily quests all week? Everybody in my guild is pretty upset.


Mine too. I hope they have emergency staff!


Emergency emergency! No weekly rewards!


Same issues with weekly rewards for our guild


The issue with the weekly rewards will be fixed after the server restart in 35 minutes.


See you tomorrow for whatever breaks then… :wink:


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with safe travels! Hope there is a Christmas package to buy… We want deals lol


Thanks. Have a Merry Christmas.


So now I can claim, but it cleared the bar. So I get nothing.


Just click where the claim button should be … That happened to me too… Then in worked


Wow. You must really love shop resets


They are all I ask for from those weekly rewards :joy::joy:
Is that bad of me…
Best item to farm torches with though. Just keep refreshing main merchant.
Get torches xp and lots of items for gold. No gem spending for them that way :sunglasses::wink:


I tried to claim the rewards & it still wouldn’t let me. How can I claim this past mondays & make sure I can claim this coming mondays?