Support on Holiday: May 27

The PerBlue offices will be closed for the Memorial Day Holiday Monday, May 27, 2019. We will answer tickets again starting on Tuesday, May 28.

We will be monitoring things for emergency situations.

Thanks for being patient!


But the top 5 in the server still get their secret bonus help, right?



Happy holiday!

As a leader of a guild you create, tough luck! We cant have a holiday as you do! Why? We dont get to take a break without the stupid micromanaging guild war, fortress… etc…

Enjoy your holiday!

Well, you can.

I never chased anyone in the super guild, and we were 4th last two seasons, before I retired.

Tsk tsk off work on my bday… How very dare you :joy::joy: same place ill be tbh avoiding pq like the plague

Did someone say drinks all day monday? :sunglasses:

Drinks, orrrrrrrrr dranks