Support over the Last contest - Sep 28 2018


Good morning, I joined my current guild the 27th at around 9:00pm central time, even though it’s already been more than 24 hours I haven’t received any contest rewards yet (Contest that I am still participating on). I am sure you are very aware game items now are extremely hard to grind. As an active game player and customer I won’t accept losing these over a time gap, and because it’s the first time it happens (in the past I joined different guilds before a guild contest started and I still recieved the rewards).

The reason I am posting this here it’s because my support ticket is being ignored… I am also posting a screenshot refference so you can see everything I am missing.

Thank you very much in advance.


It would be unfair if you got the rewards for doing nothing, idk if you’re supposed to get the rewards, but you joined a guild who earned them, while you just joined and expected to get the same rewards, you could jump from guild to guild and expect to get the rewards.


That would be the case if I wasn’t working alongside with them as soon as the contest had begun, however we are working together still.

Please read the post carefully again, I joined my current guild BEFORE the contest begun (9:00pm central time of the 27th).


It sounds like you joined about 11 hours before the contest started, so you might not be eligible for any rewards that your new guild earned before the 24 hours is up. Meaning any rewards earned before 9pm on the 28.
Im guessing since all of the progressive rewards are checked in your screenshot, that means all of them.
Also its the weekend, a time when support isn’t usually available or realistically quick. So, I wouldn’t claim you’re being ignored, at least not yet.


Oh… thank you for the insight, do you think it will help if my guildies (and guild leader) testify that I have been helping as well?

And yes, even though I started the contest with them I received none of the progress rewards :pensive:


If you joined late then you probably haven’t been gaining any points.


Pb can open up your game logs, or whatever they call them, and see what scraps you earned and when, so they shouldn’t need any witnesses. I believe, unlike fortress and PL, one can participate in a contest before 24 hours is up, but they aren’t eligible for rewards until after the waiting period… but I’m not 100% on that.
The 24 hour waiting period is designed to prevent what turtle mentioned, to keep players from jumping ship and collecting alot of rewards they didn’t earn. While you undoubtedly earned scrap and even contributed, Im guessing you’re only going to get the rank rewards. If you dont receive rank rewards, then something is definitely wrong, and I’d recommend sending another ticket monday.


I faintly remember getting all rewards that a guild had done (which I couldn’t earn on), but I don’t remember how… I left during a contest, joined a different one.

It may have been rank rewards though, now that I think of it…


That is correct, however my guild transfer was planned beforehand and due to a situation Per Blue caused (elimination of 5 members per guild which caused several guilds to merge or disband or simply get kicked from your previous guild on servers 1 and 2) and not turtling.

My point here is that probably everybody on every server is receiving progress rewards, except for myself :confused: