Surrender war consequences?

Hello! So it seems that no one in our guild knows the answer to this. What happens when you surrender a war? What does that do to our rank? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Exactly the same as if you lost

Usually people surrender early in day two of a war if it’s a lost cause, so that they have lots of time to set war defences and move members in / out.

Orrrrrrrrr… They surrender late in day two if they think they’ve lost and the opponent is trying to drag them into a third day to maximise their winning bonus.

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Thanks pixie!

Is there even a surrender option anymore? That option didn’t occur until day two anyway. I guess they could be walking for another server silly me… there’s more than server 4.

There are six servers.
One has new war.
The other five don’t.

Besides, we all warred for two years.
I think we can remember how the old system works?
Given it changed less than a week ago…

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Can PB explain how our guild lost our last war in new war system. We are in challenger tier. We took out our opponents keep well within 10 hours and some 10 hours before ours was taken down. We earned more win flags 94 to 91. Less loses. 16 to 17 and we still lost… how does that work

@Hits06 Do you have screenshots? Also total lines doesn’t matter anymore, nor does keep speed. Points is the first priority.