Swinginess Variable Change: November 30th - December 4th

We use a modified version of the Elo matchmaking algorithm for Guild War in Portal Quest. We are reducing a variable within the system that controls “swinginess”. This means that a guild’s increase in crowns from a win will be less drastic. The benefits of this change are twofold; it works hand in hand with other changes to help guilds be able to focus on winning fights rather than strategically skipping war days. It also helps keep the score distance between guilds tighter, which means that top guilds will have to fight to keep their place and up-and-coming guilds will be able to be more competitive at the highest levels.


Sorry to repeat myself…

This is a great change.
There’s only one guild per server that’s got an actual reason not to like it.
Poor whales.


Perpetual war for the sake of crowns…
Will always be a way to manipulate the draws so you land a lesser team
Annoying but tbh makes it harder for top 3 to slack off end of season


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