Switching guilds

When you switch guilds and the new guild doesn’t go to war again before the season ends do the new members that haven’t attacked in a war get to claim the season rewards?

Also if you change guild before season ends would you still receive rewards from achievements you accrued in your 1st guild or would you lose them all?

Many thanks


I’m quite sure you still get rewards, but for the new guild. There is a 24 hour delay before you can participate in a guild for real after joining though, so it’s better not to take the risk. If it’s less than a day until season end, wait a few hours before switching. :slight_smile:

I didn’t risk it. I changed after I received the rewards.
Cheers Helios

Also if you switch guilds, do you still carry over the perks you earned while in your former guild?
Like if I have 100k perks right now, will I still have that if I leave my guild?

By perks do you mean guild perks?

If yes, each guild has to unlock each perk… so guild perks don’t carry over with players, instead guild by guild

If not then I guess you may be talking about consumable items like campaign doublers or boots of speed. These stay active for 24 hrs of server time (ie they won’t tick down during maintenance)

If none of the above then either I’m missing something, or missing out

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I am thinking he means Guild shop coins, which carry over indeed.

I mean guild perks that you use for general, dungeon and war perks for the guild.
So I have 49k right now, and wondering if that will carry over to another guild.

That’s guild influence. It stays with the guild, since it’s not just you who Generates it.

Ahh ok gotcha. Thanks a lot