Taking away stam for diamonds deals

Is it true that the reason we dont see stam for diamonds deals much anymore is because whales are stockpiling stamina and that’s somehow bad for the economy?
This is what I’ve been fed by people that are part of the dev chat. Any one else hear this?

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That makes sense & at the same time not :thinking:


I’m by no means a whale, but I don’t waste my stamina on every hero :joy: & I haven’t used the diamond for stamina deal in months…
I don’t want to imagine how much the ones have stored, who spend hundreds of $ on the game :see_no_evil:

To be honest, I’d believe this to be true, without a doubt :sweat_smile:

I’m a whale. And I have a ton of stamina. But I’m trying to figure out, wtf my inventory has to do with what’s available for other players to buy with their diamonds. How is me having alot of something in my inventory, detrimental to the economy of the game?

I buy alot. And stockpile. But I only do it when I have money, to prepare for cap raises where I might not have money. If perblue would like, I can stop giving them my money so they can bring back the frequent stam for diamond deals for everyone. Just not sure the logic in “let’s stop selling clothes at the dollar store because millionaires have a ton of clothes, so we should only make them available at nordstrom’s”… seems like the opposite way for an economy to thrive

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That’s best to be answered by the devs, I wouldn’t know :wink:
I notice the irregular diamond deals too, but don’t think much of it…

When people stockpile a lot of stamina packs

Their data will show that there is a good economy, so no need for another deal, stam for diamond deal

They do not look at every single person and look what they have in their inventory, they only look at the overall picture of how good the economy is going

So you have more than most other people have, so you make the economy go up

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Most thing happens when looking at the overall data

Like the merge coming

it was purely determined by data

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. . . Yupp



Oh vent, du kan ikke

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I really don’t like the stamina for diamonds deals. Maybe they weren’t all that popular?

I agree with the economy/data info above. It’s the truth. If everyone stops buying, the deals get better. Period. Plus, stockpiling stamina drives the averages up and causes deals to stop. @Turtle explained it perfectly

Blah, blag, blah… I’ve seen this explained to you over and over again soooo

Just for funsies, use the internet to understand this phenomenon. It’s pretty basic… @Kloverr I’m aware this has been a tough concept for you, but may be an article somewhere could help you since you refuse to believe anyone associated with this game.

Oh, and the forums are for all of us to discuss things. It’s not necessarily for the devs to talk to us. Raise a ticket if you need dev info. No need to be rude to the people who bothered to take the time to attempt to explain it to you, Kloverr.

Nice seeing you again :joy::grin:


I havent been rude to anyone. Actually quite the opposite.

Why on earth, does something that’s in MY inventory, that affects noone else, and only affects me if I use it, matter at all to the economy? Everyone needs tons of stamina always. Stamina is how you progress in the game. How is something I own factored into the economy? I’ve still yet been told how this makes any sense. Just that it’s how they do things. If a whale having stamina stops them from running the deals, why bot make it available only to people who havent bought a money deal in a while, like they do with stacked deals. There options available that don completely alienate the f2p playerbase that they arent exploring or dont care to. Theres alot of people waiting to progress heroes and such, and sitting on alot of diamond they earned, but no deals are coming through anymore. Resulting in the players to not actually play the game. To me, if I had a game, i would actually want people to be able to play it.

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I agree.
However , you were there when the game was so flooded with stamina that all deals (diamond and actual money) became so bad that we spent a month in leader discord bemoaning how it had got so broken.

That’s happened twice now.
I guess that they are trying to avoid a third time by limiting the deals now, so the economy balances without a triple dip.

If you still don’t understand why they are doing this, just accept that it is in the interests of both the Devs and the players not to turn this into a boom and bust scenario like EA games did with changing the value of items people had bought as soon as they came out…

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I’ve never been around with any discussion of there being “too much”. I’ve always been arguing that we need more. We need more deals for diamonds, we need stacked deals… s8 is red rarity now… STILL no stacked deals, and they took away stamina for diamonds. So where are people supposed to get all this stamina now that is neccessary this high a level? Without buying a deal with real money? The deals have gotten alot better for the buyable deals. But that’s for the people that spend. What about free to play? Daily we have a deal for dungeon consumables and torches and such. Yet no stamina. Where are they supposed to get it from? Or are free to play people supposed to just spend All their time in the dungeon?


I am f2p on 1 server

And I don’t find it difficult nor very easy to follow up with the big boys

Yes, there are sometimes a period where I am low
But I also manage to find ways to still have my heroes maxed

While being a f2p

Not sure what server you’re f2p on. But on s8, the server is dying. People are leaving the game left and right. Peoples biggest complaint is that the only way to enjoy war and be remotely competitive is by spending money every 21 days. Because you cant spend your diamonds on anything useful. You can buy dungeon packs. Once a day. But none of them want to strictly be stuck in the dungeons all day every day. They want to level up their heroes as fast as possible to be a contributing factor in their guild. Every cap raise, we have at least 2people quit the game entirely in my guild. I also watch it happen in the other top 4 guilds. Weve had two merges in our guild already, all of the other top guilds have also had multiple merges. Yet it’s not enough. Because people dont want this game to depend on them busting out their wallet every time theres a cap raise or a hero that is game changing comes out. You can easily limit the stam for diamond deals to ppl that havent spent money in the past few weeks. It’s not unheard of. Yet seems to be a horrible idea. Because losing player activity is better for perblue than actually making items for sale for players to buy from them? I’m completely lost on how this works


I understand what you mean
Most people feel like they have to spend money to be the best

I also wish there were better deals.

But can’t entirely blame it on, why people are leaving

The game has changed quite a lot since the start
Since epic came out, it took more time to progress without spending
And the community felt that

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Here is a link:

Breaks it down pretty well. “Balance your sources and your sinks” will answer a direct question you had. Since you play the game, you are part of the overall gaming community along with everyone else. (Soooo your specific inventory is data gathered just like everyone else’s)

It might help if you think of it as your game, like you are the game owner.

I hope this helps. @Kloverr


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Shame about the language , and your own mixed concepts .

Underneath all that there’s a valid argument. ISH.
It’s just lost in all the noise.

At the end of the day, this game exists to make per blue money.
If we enjoy playing it, then that’s good for us.
But make no mistake, things like contests and diamonds deals only started to keep the light spenders engaged and occasionally spending to hit progress rewards for more free stuff.

For the sole purpose of there being enough people around to make the whales stay.