Taking away stam for diamonds deals

I’m confused on that one as well…

I flagged them.
For language.

After people were flagging me for using a perfectly good term for a female dog in my posts

If that’s the rules, then everyone else can live by them too.

Keep your excrement to yourself

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Yeah true

I just got flagged for answering a question on a post
For being off topic

Hmmmmm, perhaps I could use all my forum accounts since I have 17 of them and flag everyone

I’m gonna say me commenting on my own post is on topic. Cuz it’s my topic.

Yeah, it’s weird

PerBlue won’t go out of business anytime soon
They’re “Gucci”

But PB is trying to help f2p people, some stuff inside the game / buildings was made, for the only reason to help f2p

Wasn’t me this time.
But yeah, I already said higher in the thread that per blue brought in stuffs for free to play people just to feel like they are progressing more…

It has made the game more fun, which is their goal in keeping us around longer to ensure people keep spending.
It’s kind of their job.
Make an interesting game that keeps us here , so that there is a greater income stream from the people that make it possible for them to do this.

Don’t get me wrong, we are a drop in the ocean to the numbers on Disney heroes.
Mickey mouse and friends will ensure the continuation of portal quest long after it would have closed if it was the developers only game.


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