Tasty Refreshments

For a forthcoming celebration I will brewing an beer/bier/ale. Would like input on the choice from those who know their beverages. Please don’t choose a Saisson or other very complex one, though I have access to ingreds for such as English Strong. Thank you for your participation !
P.S. if you need to you can picture the Great Intervention as the event which is likely 6 months hence


English strong ale

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Imperial IPA :grin: !

English Special Bitter thank you

Very definitely a wheaty one. Hefe for light or Trippel Belgian for savor and punch :stuck_out_tongue:

English pls

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Imperial stout or Scttish heavy. Hausakluiff style

Put me down for a Pils plus. Not that lite kind, heavy and more hoppy :+1:

Heffe weissen or Dunkel weizen

English please :blush::hugs:


Have narrowed the choices to two ( according to your replies ) my friends. An English Wheat ( Wheatty McWheatFace style ) or a Rye beer ( some what like an IPA with malted rye ). Thanks !

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Wheaty McWheatface hilarious :joy::rofl: :joy:

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Wheats :slight_smile:

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It’s a real English brew Lyn. Check it out :grin:

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   Okay, a wheat beer it is ! Though that Rye sounds awesome!

YYYUUUUMMMMY is all I can add at this point !

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Have you started brewing it yet. Looks like the Great Intervention has been delayed by a month :joy:

We need beer promises !
We need promises kept is more like it. Disappoint us and we'll slander you like the MSM on Trump Bogsyboy
  Iiii .... just wanna celebrate celebrate 😁
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