Tasty Refreshments

   Looks like you'll need that Rye for the Great Intervention with the month delay to final merge
   Yay, 2 awesome new beers to swiggle !

Tasty time. It’s near enough between crash and Server merge

The English wheat is ready. I know because our close friends are vulturing about waiting for tomorrow’s “cask break”. I will not be cleaning up after this time Bogs !

That wheat was de-all-icious bud ! On to the Rye ! Don’t forget to get a nice fall beer started :wink: I know it won’t be no nasty pumpkin ale :rofl:

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Just Wadda Flakes with a side of MM338760 for Governor Hans folk. No drink needed. Feels like I drank too much with these folk speculating and speculating about gifting guild and iPhones.


Sponk … beep, bap bump … again. The brew was tasty though. What’s up next ?

New games and another Belgian yes ?! Or maybe a German seasonal ?

Spicy noodles and a Special Lager or Pils please. Maybe old Hansa or Spartan style

Thanks Bog for getting us to DS and this one and also for the excellent homebrew. Will see you when get back fromdeployment buddy !

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