Team level: it takes too much time

Hi! I’ve been thinking that maxing my team level has become more and more difficult. I’ve done all daily quests since last cap raise plus the stamina I could’ve used and I’m still 156. And I’m afraid that by the time I get 160 there will be another cap raise.
So maybe it would be great if you add a x2 daily quests experience or something like that to speed up so people like me had the chance to compete with those that get maxed the same week there is a cap raise.
Maybe someone else has a better idea.

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The problem is that cap raises take place, whenever a certain percentage of players reach max team level…
So the faster you are able to level up as ftp, low- or moderate spender, the higher the possibility that cap’s will be raised :wink:
Maybe @Polaris can correct me, if I’m wrong…

They added a 2x team exp consumable (it’s in some cosmetic rewards). Maybe we’ll see it in other places.


Those people that spend money are further on than me…

That’s kind of the point.

On S1 I have two accounts.

Pixie Mici, which I spend on, who is level 160.
TP 4.26 million.
Totally Not Mici, which I don’t, who is level 128.
TP 586,926.
See the difference?

On S4 I have two accounts.

Lil mici kitten, which I lightly spend on, who is level 153.
TP 2.37 million.
Lil Mici bunny, which I don’t, who is level 142.
TP 802,272

On S9 I have one account.
Who I mainly ignore.
Who is still somehow level 96.
TP 198,835
Mainly because it’s easier to level up that low lol.

Should my non spending accounts be as well built?
Of course not.

It’s a free to play mobile internet game.
Spend more time or spend more money.
Your choice.

Oh, and if I’m wrong, and per blue suddenly decided that yes free to play people should catch up easier, then can we have an alt amnesty weekend please @Polaris ?

Would love to merge my same server accounts (after doing merge prep)

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Once this item goes commercial it will be brilliant tbh to assist those short on stamina packs. Won’t really make a dent for whales cause they gonna hit the cap farming gear anyway.

Deffo an awesome item for the little people to aspire toward getting hold of

So what are you trying to say here is…?

So this was already planned. Cool. I hope I can get a few in this new contest. Thanks!

There’s a limit to free stuffs that per blue will give out.

Also… Let us merge please

Also… You will be behind. Unless you spend

Wow depressing and morbid auto correct, phone

Yeah I’m not saying I want a free ticket to elite, but that as cap raises, so does experience needed to be maxed, unlike experience given in dailies which is the same since I can remember (excepting a few new ones).
So my point is if this situation keeps the same, it will come the day when you won’t be able to be maxed even if you do all your dailies because cap will raise faster (unless you pay, the magical solution).

We are already at that point

Thence my suggestion

To be faiiiir, the developers tend to drop things in to help people that are actually behind…

Double purple drop perk
Dynamic costs of campaign
Actually useful contest rewards
Stamina packs for diamonds, so you can save between contests then splurge during it…

But yeah.
The easiest way to compete without spending is do nothing but dailies and dungeon , stockpiling all your diamonds and gold and any stamina you can get…

Then splurge on the contest to get your progress rewards.

Then save save save till the next contest.

Yes you will be “behind” for a bit.
But that boost in the contest works out as so much more bang for your buck

You aren’t saying anything new. This has been a waste of time.
Game is back, xoxo

Hence why they are introducing the team xp doubled consumable

Does that stack with a +50% experience item?

Do the 5% boosts from Cosmetics get added to the base value, then doubled?
Orrrrrrrrr… Doubled then 5% added after??

@OhRlyeh maths please :slight_smile:

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Mici I’ll Raid a campaign level and show the values

Using 50% xp and double gold consumables.
Elite chapter 25 stage 10
No border used

5% gold border

5% xp border

If anyone has no consumables in use they can show the real values of the Raid

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