Team Level Set Back to 1


Why is my Team Level set back to 1? I’m on Server 8.


Same happened to me on Server 6


I have the same problem om Server 1! 7 and 8…


Glad it isn’t just me…server 5 for me


The same thing is happening to everyone. Attempting to go to the campaign crashes the game.


Hey guys! We’re investigating this issue as we speak, stay tuned for more details!


Man I’m losing time as I was in the middle of epic dungeon challenges, using x2 speed torch n scraps for 24 hrs


What about our special items that are still counting down while we can’t do anything? I have boots of speed, enchanted torch, 2x dungeon drops on and it’s being wasted.


Come on PerBlue. This is unacceptable.


I hope we are recompensed


Don’t worry guys we will get 100 gold coins in compensation… XD


Same problem, TL shows 1 and max level, when it should be TL 100. Attempting to do anything crashes the game. Server 6


What is up with this game lately?
Glad I was able to access this


Im reset to level 1 please fix Asap


My team is back at one??? Im on server 8


same thing for me server eight. i can check in and go to merchant any thing elce crashed my game


So do you have already an idea How to fix it?