Team Level Speeds

Hello, I am wondering just how fast some of you have been able to climb from level 0 to your current level?
My first 50 levels were in 25 to 30 days.

To be faiiiir, speed of leveling is directly proportional to the amount of money you spend.

Without extra stamina packs bought with real money, the natural cap of levelling is completing daily quests and logging in when stamina is full again (unless you’re asleep)

Once you hit the level cap for your server, you then have to wait until per blue raises it again.

So there is also a natural bottleneck at the top.
It took me around a month to reach level 60 when I first started on server one.

It was faster in server nine, as the dungeon exists now , so that helped.
As did the extra dungeon quests lol.

It has taken me over 680 days to reach my current level (160) on server one.
But that’s because it only unlocked last month.

I joined my Server while the lvl cap was still at 30 (I believe), so it took a while until lvl 50…
Now I’m lvl 155 with over 400 days (without lvl cap it would’ve been far less), basically reaching it after 1-3 days (depending on my mood)

Thanks for your responses! I’m on server 10 and it just updated to level cap 75, I’m at 69 right now.

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