#teamsparkle.....where's fluffy?


Went through all the trouble of getting word out to players to vote for my cloud suggestion…

Yet … Even after winning the preliminary round and the final vote.

Fluffy has no mention in game .??

Can we had it to sparkles description please


Ummmm…didn’t like 500 other people also submit fluffy in that contest?:joy::joy::joy:


Some people like to take credit for everything no matter how silly :rofl:


There’s taking credit and then theres being the one who started a line app campaign to name the cloud…

I was the first poster to suggest fluffy all others were mainly in reply to my suggestion.

I rallied over 150 players I know to help me achieve this to honour my favourite server 1 player…

I’ll post screenshots if I must to prove my case but why would I .

The name was my idea


Go here 4th comment is me

All others came after me :wink::blush:

So yes taking credit …
Because it was my idea


Have to agree with cotton.
He did start it.
Then I kind of mentioned to the no pants guilds, that seeing as we had the actual fluffy, it might be an idea to get on board with this…

So yes! We named the cloud. Update the bio already!

Please? :slight_smile:

insert puss in boots from shrek gif here




Random characters to increase post length…