Tedious pony shards


Any chance you guys could either make pony shards available for purchase in guild shop or increase the drop rate/drop amounts in endless or maybe only increase shard drop amounts per 100 floors or sell them in deals occasionally.
Another idea I had would be a dungeon shop where performing certain feats like killing bosses/clearing floors gives you tokens for said shop. Cheers Wolvezz


A dungeon shop as you say is not a bad idea…


Run 80 floors of endless you have enough

I run endless maybe 3 times a week doing about 50 floors a time… Then once a week do a couple hundred floors.

There are brilliant drops for pony in there

I sell 200 once a month because I get too many


Same. I always have tons. I weirdly like the Endless Dungeon though…


Pony shards are being sold in a deal … don’t complain if you missed it


Damn that’s a tempting deal.

This $5 a month self imposed limit is annoying :frowning:


Good job I have enough diamonds :wink:


Theyve had pony shards deals runnin all day today


Hurrah for me being able to put crystals on ma pony finally :tada: