Terms of Use and Community Guidelines


We’ve heard feedback from some players recently expressing confusion about the rules that govern Portal Quest players, and how those rules are enforced. We’re working to make the rules more visible and easier to find. We’ve added a link to the Terms of Use at the bottom of every page on the forums. In a future update, we’ll be adding a button in the game linking to the Terms of Use.

We’ve written a short set of rules that are a bit easier to understand than that legalese of the Terms of Use.

Plain English Rules

This document is a plain English explanation of the kinds of behavior that are acceptable in Portal Quest. The four most important things are:

  • Have fun!
  • Be sensible! (Don’t give people information they shouldn’t have)
  • Be kind!
  • Keep it clean!

If you keep these four things in mind, we’re sure you’ll have a great time. But, if you need to know more, read on!

Some Context
You should know that acceptance of the Terms of Use for Portal Quest is required for all players logging on to the game. As such, all players of Portal Quest should expect to abide by the terms explained below. The Code of Conduct is a supplement to the game’s Terms of Use, and in the event that these guidelines and the Terms of Use disagree, the Terms of Use take precedence.

The detailed Terms of Use below represent a legal agreement between PerBlue Entertainment, the makers of Portal Quest, and the users of the game, defining the nature of the service the company provides.

Behaving and Misbehaving
For most users, the most important part of Terms of Use are the details relating to behavior:

Common sense, consideration, and reasonable behavior are expected in the game. Together, they make Portal Quest an enjoyable environment for everyone. Our goal is to minimize the impact of badly behaved players on the experience of the community as a whole.

When a report is received about a player who is behaving badly, a PerBlue representative will resolve the situation as they deem appropriate for the good of the community. In general, the severity of the response a player should expect is determined by the degree to which the disruptive behavior involves forethought and/or malice. The following examples of bad player behavior are listed in descending order in terms of their severity. Repeated instances of bad behavior will be handled with increased severity, up to and including account suspensions or account bans.

Harassment can be defined as actions that target an individual or group for the purpose of bringing about feelings of discomfort or distress.

Harassment is not allowed and may result in an account being banned from the game.

Sharing Accounts
Each player is responsible for maintaining the security of their game account, and the accounts that are linked to Portal Quest for recovery methods.

Sharing accounts puts players at risk of exposing personal information to other players. It is never a good idea to share personal information with people you meet online.

Shared accounts are at risk of being stolen. Any progress or purchases made on that account would be lost to the player. It is very difficult to recover accounts that were being shared because the proper owner of the account cannot be identified.

Shared accounts may be banned in order to protect a player’s personal information. Any devices associated with that account will be flagged, and any linked accounts automatically banned.

Swearing and Inappropriate Content
Using or linking to vulgar, obscene, or offensive language is considered swearing. This includes any racial, sexual, unlawful, religious slurs or other deliberately offensive remarks directed at another player.

While there is an automatic chat moderation system present in the game, this does not excuse offensive language or behavior. Misspelling or mis-spacing words to get around the filter will be treated as swearing and dealt with accordingly.

Foul language used outside the chat, for example in player names, guild names and mottos, on the forums or elsewhere is likewise not acceptable.

Portal Quest is not a dating app.

You can read the chat guidelines here.

The chat client exists so that players may communicate with each other. Spamming is repeatedly sending letters, emoji, spar teams, messages, or nonsense, in a way that makes it difficult for other players to communicate. Spamming annoys other players and is considered bad behavior.

So What Can Happen?
Portal Quest is game played by a broad community of players. PerBlue’s responsibility to that community is to maintain certain standards of behavior and interaction so as to make the game experience enjoyable and entertaining for all participants. Maintaining standards does sometimes require us to silence players. Silencing involves the loss of access to Global, VIP, and Recruit chat. By accepting the Terms of Service, a player agrees to be bound by PerBlue’s decisions in matters relating to silences in the game. For serious issues, such as harassment and account sharing, we will ban accounts from the game.

In-Game Support
PerBlue has in-game representatives, Support Agents, whose primary task is to provide assistance to players who encounter problems or bugs within the game. They also enforce the guidelines regarding undesirable behavior with the goal to maintain a stable, positive, and fun environment for players.

Support Agents reply to support tickets and investigate player reports as soon as possible. In the event that a player comes across a disruptive or bothersome player, tap the other player’s icon and choose report player. If the report is justified, the Support Agent will act upon it. The information below provides a guide to the kinds of behavior that may cause a Support Agent to take action.

Support Agent Response
A Support Agent’s options for dealing with a disruptive player range from issuing a silence to blocking the player’s access to the game entirely with a suspension or permanent ban. Banning is not taken lightly by PerBlue, who strive to be fair while looking out for the interests of the community as a whole. Along these lines, PerBlue employees are not to be threatened, insulted, or harassed in the course of doing their jobs. Generally, we encourage reasonable, common sense behavior.

A Note on Game Mechanics
Sometimes, bugs may occur. A bug may allow, through some player action, a result that is not expected or desired. An example would be a situation that allowed a player to generate free Diamonds within the game. If a bug is found, the player is expected to report it immediately through the Report a Bug button on the account page in game, and not take advantage of it.

Other times, there may be an oversight in the game design so that the mechanics could allow an event or result that is not a bug, but may be undesirable. A player who comes across a possible oversight should submit a support request about it. The Support Agent will reply as to whether the action is allowed. Players are expected to act accordingly. Publicizing these kinds of design oversights within the game or on the forums, or encouraging other players to exploit them, is frowned upon.

You may not attempt to trade accounts in our game for real-life money or items, or for things in other games. Sharing accounts with other players is forbidden by the Terms of Use.

Third Party Software
Portal Quest is a game that is played on mobile devices. We do not support the use of third-party software that grants access to the game on other platforms.

Response Times
Support is available Monday to Friday between 9AM and 6PM US Central Time.

We try and address all tickets as quickly as possible, but it can sometimes take a day or two for us to work through the queue.

Any tickets we receive outside those times we will answer as soon as possible; ideally the next business day. PerBlue does close for holidays throughout the year. We will post an announcement on the forums when support is out of the office, so you will know to expect a delay receiving a response.

Thank you for reading!

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