Thank you for fixing Guild War!


Just wanted to jump on here and leave some feedback on the improved changes.

I know a few people are annoyed with the update, but I don’t think they realize what it’s like to constantly lose your matches at 3-4am because you’re sleeping.

With the added time it takes to win, I feel like it has become a lot less stressful and gives everyone a chance in the guild to participate in their own timezone.

Well done at fixing the issue at hand and I look forward to the continual updates!


Just wait until everyone has enough towers that you guys are asleep again …

They didn’t solve the timezone issue, they simply changed who is currently affected.


But it is still much better than the previously war format. Unfortunately you guys can’t participate in war last night so you haven’t felt the changes that much as the others did so far. The sleepers are much more valuable now and are necessary to a certain point since every member is needed now.


Really? The only guild I’ve seen say that is BB Elite, and it’s obvious why they think that.

Every other guild I’ve seen discuss it dislikes the changes.


You shouldn’t listen too much about the complains after the first day of war too much. Most guilds have to get used to it and due the longer coordination they might dislike it. I haven’t heard complains from us Sticker Brigades yet to be honest. I am not sure if Glide or the other champs has talked to you guys about it yet. But we are doing quite well and everyone is participating. Let a week pass and then listen to their opinions again. :slight_smile: Sure we might be as a disadvantage compared to the previous format. But I prefer fair, fun and exciting wars over blitz wins. Btw I am not one of those sleepers.


ces changements sont clairement pourris et ils nous font perdre un temps fous à tout coordonner vu le nombre de tours à peter
mieux vaut changer le systeme des epees et ne pas laisser ça
Grosse déception, revoyez le systeme entier mais ne laissez pas ces changements


it’s obvious because now every one can play. we are just one guild with time zone differences I’m certain other guilds appreciate it as well


Guild War is a terrible format! It put too much pressure on the organiser’s in Guilds, and leads to players needing to be available, rather than being able to play when it suits them.
The changes haven’t resolved that at all. You’ll still have players frantically seeking donations at stupid times of the day and night


I’d argue there is less pressure. with the length of war you can take your time. a leader can lay out a plan and trust his troops will follow. if they don’t follow you got bigger war issues.
not sure how they are frantically rushing to donate. donation is pretty limited if anything we are waiting to donate lol


The issue is people are online but not much to do because of the donation system. One change at a time would of given us the chance to get used to each change, but additional teams, overpowered mage towers and less donations is just a disaster we participated yesterday and today and all I am hearing is complaints people who think the system stinks us and our opponents. Guild war was fine the way that it was. Please revert back to the old system.


And yet your leader decided not to queue for war today, after a single war, because he thought it was too much micromanaging.

It seems like Bb Elites actually thinks this version of war is more stressful, since, as far as I know, this is the first and only time you have purposefully not queued for war.


lol you need a better fact checker. we took a day off but that was for our own reasons, shuffling members in and out. we actually really like it. I was surprised the changes worked out so well.

sorry for doubting you @Ironangel ,@andrew


Warchief what is your problem? We’ve had 3 players that we need to replace - hence our 1 day break.


I think what we can take away from all this is, stickers lost their advantage and are displeased about it. No guild has an advantage now based on timezone. While there are probably better ways to war, this fixes things within the current war format. I’d think shooting fish in a barrel gets old fast, should be happy with the increased competition. Also we don’t have to Que everyday lol, I’d even like one day off a week. So I’m not sure why it matters if we decided to give ourselves a day. … We’re enjoying it :blush:


wars were ending in under 10 minutes with only a few participating. I would say this added content to war. donation system was reduced but participation increased. the system isn’t perfect in my eyes but big thumbs up to the improvement


Lol Warchief not sure you quoting me is exactly right.

I said I enjoyed war more than I ever have because I actually got to participate longer than usual.
I didn’t queue for War today because of Dreads reasons.
Sure managing every move is a pain, but things will change.

I am happy with they way it lasts longer. Gives everyone’s a chance to participate. There is no more to it than that.


Well those were the reasons you stated; you mentioned nothing of shuffling members.

So, not sure why you would say one thing to one group and one thing to another.

Glad one guild enjoys it, I guess.


Well… There are diffrences between guilds and guilds.

Some wanna be thugs wanna do all the fights themselves and enjoy max possible donations to end a war in 8 minutes

Other wanna have fun and let their guild participate.

Apeaking for myself, I donate sometimes to people 20 levels below me. Why? Because we can :wink:

We try to let people who have a chance to kill a tower join in.

Its about having fun. Just enjoy it :ocean:


Im stuck on the guild war… It keeps popping up on my screen to go into the guild war, i have and i set my line-up up. Idk what else to do


It’s a current known issue/bug. You’ll have to submit an in-game ticket. If you’re unsure on how to do that, I’d be more than happy to explain! I had the same problem on one of my accounts. After submitting a ticket, they fixed it right up!

War Bells are calling