Thank you perblue ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Sweet contest finally :heart_eyes:
Been looking forward to the day this one dropped for a long time
Hopefully its the start of many more to come


I looked at the contest & thought that Cottontail will be in heaven this weekend :rofl:

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Ive cancelled todays plans to get a good start inโ€ฆ Probably busy tomorrow so have to ensure i do my part for the team as an when i can

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Youโ€™re welcome.

Dearest @Cottontail

It has come to my attention that there is a dungeon contest this weekend.

I am very excited in seeing how our individual progress compares.

In the spirit of polite competitionโ€ฆ
Best bring your A game :wink:

But, honestly
I feel you will win
This is probably hubris on my part.
Considering I hardly ever dungeon.
However, we shall seeโ€ฆ :wink:


I donโ€™t particularly have an opinion about any of the other participants, and how well they do.

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Hahaha ive been kinda absent from pqโ€ฆ Did first 2 hours yesterdayโ€ฆ And now back in
Lets do it!!!

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