Thanks for making things so frustrating Red Cross


I’m not even the first appointment of the day, yet someone couldn’t call me and let me know that the machine was broken? You constantly remind me that there’s always a shortage of blood via text, email, and phone calls. I do what I can to help by filling out the RapidPass, bringing my donor card, and donating; the least you can do is instruct the volunteers to make a couple 30-second phone calls (it’s not like they have to do intakes, so they certainly have plenty of free time).

“Oh, just drive to this other blood drive 45 minutes away.” Uhh, no.


Dang it per blue, when did you take over blood donations?


I don’t support the Red Cross; maybe it’s time to jump on the Anti-Cross train. Yeah.


Yeah, O’Rlyeh just stood there, smiled, then told me AB+ was the universal donor and I should just go home.


Maybe PB would take my blood. Red Cross won’t; they consider me a risk for mad cow disease because I spent some time in the UK in the late 80s. True story. They decided this after I had donated gallons of blood, too. I hope I didn’t turn too many people into crazed bovines.


I spent nearly all of the late 80s in the UK.
Does make me a mad Cow risk…? :thinking:


According to the USDA, yes. You might have eaten contaminated beef. The punch line for me is that I never ate British beef. I thought it was nasty and so full of gristle my teeth bounced on the burger. I was a fish & chips woman, myself.


They recently allowed homosexual people to donate, but gay men can only donate if they practice abstinence for a year. It seems pretty unreasonable; heterosexual couples can do the same stuff and still donate, and safe practices are more well-known and more widely practiced than they were back in the day.

(I hope I kept it teenager-friendly enough perblue)


I feel like you might be on the wrong forums…


I’m pretty sure this section was advertised as things not related to PQ


I’m pretty sure that they are right, you know.


Sure, but I feel like you should be telling red cross this?


I have, I just needed a place to vent.


With a bunch of random people on the internet, to validate you and your opinions… :wink:


I was able to do it today, it’s all good.

BTW, everyone should donate if you can. You can play PQ while you donate and you get free snacks at the end.


It took a while for my chapter to do a damn thing over in Baltimore.