Thankyou. And Farewell

It’s with a heavy heart. I’m retiring from s1. The grind is just becoming too much, too keep all our toons maxed. It is ridiculous how much it costs to constantly try and stay at the top of the game. The number of toons we have now is again ridiculous. We dont use 80% of them. So thankyou all the good friends I’ve made over the last couple of years. I’m not totally leaving the game. I will still play on s11. Thankyou for all your support and help, too all the guilds I have been in

Only keep metas and defences levelled


Fixed :grin:

I know that my “retirements” have mayyyyybe cheapened the whole idea specs, but the polite thing is still to nod, agree and say that they will be missed.

Even when you haven’t got the first tiniest clue who they are…

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Its not that simple @Specs , and you know it!

You also know that he’s right, lvl’s go up too often, MONEY OFFERS ARE A RIPOFF @Samm @Polaris - and whats the use when your favorite toons do not scale, and like he says - 80% aint even used!

Like - my mom died yesterday - u’d be like - just buy a coffin and dig a hole in the ground - Fixed - problem solved!

@SueyJitSu perhaps you have a nice picture to go with this? :smirk:

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Surely it would be cheaper to rent a wood chipper?

Oh… Wait…


Never mind.

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Meh … rpg based egos are so fragile anyway. As witnessed here :laughing:



Loving the mama to the left with her arms in the air - wohoo

Very wise. Good life to you !

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