The chat interface can't get any worse!

I’m always hoping things solve themselves, but this is taking too long…
For a few months now, this is how my chatexperience is…

  • To start with the fact that I can’t see what I’m writing in any of the chats.
  • It shows ## for several normal keyboard buttons.
  • Some profile pictures block first letters.
  • Some sentences end outside the screen.
  • When the chatbubble is full, its hard to read as several words often seem to disappear when jumping to new bubble
  • For the past hours, several posts I have been writing did not get posted!!

It’s really hard to maintain a guild with this terrible communication system.
Is this going to get better anytime soon??

It would be great with some sort of response from perBlue.
Thanks for reading

Are you using dark mode with your device? That might be an answer to your first problem. Was the same with mine.

You could use:
Like me…

Orrrrrrrrr one of these
Facebook messenger

Or just accept that in game chat isn’t meant to be as expansive and feature rich as those , and just kind of cope.

It is what it is.
It’s honestly better than it was

I am actually… thanks!

No I won’t…
Ingame chat is there for a reason, and it should be enough.

Perhaps it should
Clearly it isn’t

The game has been running for nearly 1000 days.
If it was going to get measurably better, they would have done it by now.

It may get cosmetic or slight adjustments, but it has been broken for 900+ days and has had one overhaul in that time.

Let that sink in.
We (myself included) have complained about the in game chat for three years.

It’s been altered once.

Good luck being the tipping point.

That’s your choice but you’re doing yourself a disservice and not really proving anything to PB.
I’ve never played a game where organized guilds used the IG chat system and this one is no different.

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