The Forge recruiting on server 1

Happy holidays, gang! Like many guilds, The Forge has been dealing with retirements, and we now have an abundance of space. We would love to bring in a small (10-20) person guild and share our war season rewards and perks! If you are in a similar situation or have a small guild that wants to get bigger, contact Trueth in game. No level requirement if we bring in a full guild.

Here are our general gameplay mantras, so you can see if you are a good fit to join us:

  1. We want active players, so assuming it will not hurt us in wars, we do remove people who go offline for many days, unless they let us know first.
  2. We are active in wars. We mark towers, but we do not assign targets. We ask for our members to make intelligent attacks, and we are happy to help coach anyone who needs it.
  3. we ask people to do fortress and daily check-in everyday.
  4. we do not require LINE, but we encourage it. It is a much better communication tool than in-game chat, and it is vastly easier to help someone over LINE.

If these work for you, consider joining us before the war season ends!


Even with the new season starting, we still have lots of room. We can bring in up to a 15 person guild or individuals. We finished last season top 10% even though we were understaffed all season!

Come join our casual guild and help us do even better this next season!

Hello has anyone here come from playing ds?

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