The game need trade stam pack. Please help that make a beautiful game


Hello, I have a suggestion … The game needs to give away stamina … I have friends who are very noobs and get bored because they do not get it. Energy and it would be beautiful if you could give away stamina s thanks


Buy him a deal


Buy me a deal :sunglasses:


I would like to donate stamina to my friend


I can give you a gold chest :slight_smile: @Cottontail

Fatality, you can’t donate him stamina, but there is many ways to earn stamina/stamina packs


You’re too kind Hehehe was more a cheeky ask., thank you very much for offering though😜

If could gift 10 faction chests now there’s an idea… They are highly sought after by me. Can at least remove maybe 40 other heros that are in golds and near on guarantee the heros I’m looking for


Gift me a pesky pixie


It will never happen. Whales have tens of thousands of stam packs; some have hundreds of thousands of them.